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XXXXXXX September 19, 2014U.S. Hist 11H Thematic Essay #1Reasons for U.S. Victory in Revolutionary WarOn July 4, 1776 Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence, thus officially beginning the American Revolutionary War. However, in 1775 the battle of Lexington and Concord was the first official battle between boston settlers and the British Army.Tensions between the 13 colonies of America and Great Britain had become too great and the 13 colonies decided to break away. This was not something Great Britain wanted because in return they were losing many things like, money, territory, power and more. On September 3, 1783 the Treaty of Paris was signed, signifying the victory ...view middle of the document...

Colonists were fighting for their freedom and Britain was just trying to stop the rebels, they never expected to lose. The colonists had a true passion to win the war. People, such as Thomas Paine, showed other colonists how unjust the British laws were, such as taxing them without representation in Parliament. Benjamin Franklin's diplomatic appeal had a major impact. The colonies indeed needed help of every description: men, money, equipment, ships, and all things to fight a successful war. The long years of enmity between France and Britain opened the way for the leadership of Franklin. And he was not only the man to exploit it, but also the reason for the acceptance of thirteen states as a recognized nation in the world of nations.And finally, Politics played an equally important role in the U.S. victory. The colonies had no trouble getting their people to back the war. Many colonists supported the war since they wanted to be independent from Britain, even though there were a few (Loyalists) who still supported the King. Second Continental Congr...


Nationalist victory in the Spanish civil war - History - essay

4434 words - 18 pages Free To what extent was foreign intervention the main reason for the Nationalist victory in the Spanish Civil War? The bitterly fought civil war in Spain between 1936 and 1939 was no local affair. Notwithstanding attempts by the then international community initially to apply a policy of non-intervention, the Spanish Civil War saw countries, interest groups and individuals within and outside Europe overtly and covertly provide support to the

First world war key turning point in civil rights in the US? - History - Essay

899 words - 4 pages Free number of Black Americans to the North, the only major Black community residing in Harlem, New York. With the first world war, a major impact on the changing geography of civil rights issues was the beginning of the great migration in 1915 that continued into the second world war, being the biggest US migration to take place. Between the years 1916-18, around 400,000 Black Americans left the Old South partly to escape the harsh rules imposed on

War On Drugs- Analyzing the transnational war on drugs in the US and Mexico - chs 245 - Essay

1112 words - 5 pages Esmeralda Melo Carlos Hernandez, PhD CHS 245 7 May 2018 The War Between the People and Corruption Instilled in The Drug Business There has been an ongoing war with the drug trafficking business and the U.S. government. The drug trafficking business began decades ago and those who have contributed will remarkably leave us in awe. Drugs have harmed many innocent people, not only those who have abused the drugs but as well as those who have been

Reagan, Russia, and the cold war (Includes some citations)

491 words - 2 pages America played a huge role in the ending of the cold war. Though we made relations worse, we also helped end it. Reagan's policies made Russians very nervous.· Sources:· New Cold War documentary"In the Face of Evil: Reagan's War in Word and Deed provides a provocative look at America's final victory over Soviet communism in East Europe. Beginning ..."VFW Magazine, 1/1/05 · 1 page · More from publication· What did

Chapter 1: History of Canada notes - Social studies - Notes

893 words - 4 pages Free Canadian workers in US branch to seek job protection and security (start unions) Economic Depression (1913): · Canadians immigrants compete for jobs when money is low · Large gov’t debt to cover the cost of two national railways · Threat to war in Europe made investors cautious about spending money A Nation at war: -Causes include: militarism, nationalism, and imperialism -Europe divided into two alliances: Entente Cordiale/ Triple Entente: Great

Era of Good Feelings Document Yes/No - John R Rogers APUSH - Analysis

509 words - 3 pages Revolution, people began to feel pride in being American. Document 2 (against) - James C. Calhoun’s speech to congress on February 4th, 1817 shows the opposite of what Doc 1 showed. With the victory of the war of 1812 came a period of immense expansion. While this in itself shows the EGF, Calhoun argues that the farther we expand, the harder it is to govern, thus, we should do one of two things: (a) not expand west or (b) take it slowly. Document 3 (for

Video Assignment 2: America's Best Years - Hallsville - Assignment

628 words - 3 pages war devastated Europe? The US supported them after war and helped them to rebuild. Why was American isolationism over? Troops were stationed in 20 countries around the world. Who was the sole occupying force in Japan? America. What was causing problems in Western Europe? There was nothing to eat. People fought each other for bread. People were without jobs, without homes, and children were without parents. One of the coldest winters ever came

Revolutionary War and War of 1812 - University of Hawaii - US History to 1877 - History Paper

1485 words - 6 pages The Revolutionary War and The War of 1812 The Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 were no easy feats for the United States. In both conflicts they faced an enemy that was far superior to them in almost every aspect. Victory was not straightforward, and at times did not seem attainable, but undeterred, Americans kept on fighting. Hardships were abundant after the Revolutionary War, yet through perseverance and democracy, those too would

Summary and Analysis of King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" - Carthage High School - Essay

993 words - 4 pages settled upon us.” In Letter from Birmingham Jail, Mr. King’s ability to effectively use pathos, or to appeal to the emotions of the audience is evident in a variety of places. In paragraph fourteen, King tries to place this audience into the shoes of the black people by giving vivid descriptions of the trials African-Americans go through and invoke empathy in their hearts. Rev. King states, "When you have seen vicious mobs lynch your mothers and

AP US History Workbook Analysis - APUSH - Assignment

985 words - 4 pages election hinged on the California vote, and Hughes snubbed the governor of California so Wilson won California. Wilson ran on the slogan that he “kept us out of war”. So, he wins the election but, war is on the horizon. Woodrow could see the U.S. being sucked into the vortex of conflict, so he tries to mediate a settlement between the Central Powers and the Allies. People at war are belligerents. So, Wilson tries to achieve “peace without victory

Winged Victory of Samothrace - AP Art History Paper

552 words - 3 pages Free analyzing the Winged Victory of Samothrace, it is hard to believe that the artist is unknown. The artist created a magnificent representation of victory. Is the work is truly finished; if the Goddess’ head might make a difference in the overall emotional effect. There is something beautiful in the way the Goddess’ garment folds. There is strength in the marble ship at her feet. The work stands and displays the glory that is felt after a victory of war. Works Cited


297 words - 2 pages to die; how soon, we cannot tell. Our aims may be good; our motivations may be high and successful, but when time expires, we must leave all.Whereas, she, by her regular and loyal attendance in her good health, has let us an example to follow, We recommend to the family Her who giveth and taketh away, Blessed be Her name. May you ever lean upon the everlasting arms of Jesus, who can and will heal all sorrow.Whereas, the St. John Baptist Church

Western Reaction to the Berlin Wall - University of Texas HIS 350L - Essay

1255 words - 6 pages the United States’ tolerance of the Wall. Kennedy did not want to act too impulsively and cause another World War, but also did not want to appear weak and encourage further aggression from Khrushchev. While the threat of another World War was a central reason for allowing the Wall to stand, it also represented a moral victory for the West and prevented another devastating war in Europe. As tensions increased between the United States and USSR

Gone With The Wind and the Reconstruction - American History - Essay

579 words - 3 pages Margaret Mitchell’s Civil War classic, Gone With The Wind, gives us a vivid picture of the South during the Civil War and Reconstruction. It follows the leading character, Scarlet O’Hara, who can be seen as a symbol of the South itself. Before the war, Scarlett lives a life of luxury which was typical of many southern belles of the time. She is very snooty, spoiled and led by the rules of the southern aristocracy. While Scarlett is very

Soapstone of FDR “A Date That Will Live in Infamy” - English 3 - Assignment

513 words - 3 pages Free Soapstone 40’s literature Animal Farm by George Orwell Published in 1945 Native Son by Richard Wright Published in 1940 Soapstone Subject: Franklin Delano Roosevelt made an official announcement of what the United States as a whole should do to take action against the Japanese Empire, since they had declared war against us. Throughout the entire speech he makes sure to say “our nation” or “our whole nation”, and he then says “ I believe that I