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1. Use and develop systems that promote communication
· Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role
· Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role.
Communication affects my work setting in many ways, between the service user, their families and friends, carers, senior carer and medical professionals. This may be done in person, body language, telephone calls, text messaging, emails, written correspondence.
Effective written and verbal communication and being able to use a variety of interpersonal techniques promotes strong working relationships and will promote good quality care for the service user. In my role, it is important that I communicate in the correct way to ensure that the needs of the service user are understood and dealt with correctly. When I and the senior carer meet on the initial visit with the service user we discuss their needs and wishes to ensure they receive the right service tailor made for them. I have regular meetings with them to establish their changing needs and also regular telephone calls to ensure that everything is working well with the service they are receiving. Myself and senior carer and carers have regular meetings to discuss all of the service users and if any needs have changed, and to be sure that everyone knows what is happening if any changes have been made. This also helps if anyone has any issues that they need to raise. All meetings are recorded and care plans updated. I and the senior carer will also communicate with, other medical professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physio’s, Ms Nurse, Doctors to discuss the service user’s needs.
Communication problems vary between each individual depending on their disability or illness.
Examples of these are
· Dementia – this is one of the most common mental health problems within older people. It is a progressive disorder affecting the individuals memory. It affects speech, understanding, concentration and motivation.
· Sensory disabilities- The two main senses with which humans rely on to interact with others are sight and hearing. Without these senses communication will be affected. Hearing loss can range from someone who is profoundly deaf, to someone who is hard of hearing. Individuals who were born deaf, will usually have learnt sign language so will be able to communicate, whereas individuals who have lost their hearing will need more support in learning to communicate effectively. Sight loss can affect communication greatly. More than 90 per cent of communication is made through non-verbal communication, this is done by body language. Facial expressions, hand gestures, our posture all forms part of our communication. An individual without sight will struggle as they are missing out on a large amount of information needed to communicate effectively. As with hearing loss, losing your sight later on in life creates difficulties and new communication methods w...


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