Using The Ad As Model, Explain The Possible Effects Of A Sustained Appreciation Of The Local Currency On The Government's Macroeconomic Objective

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Assume that initially the economy is at the equilibrium level of output where aggregate demand equal to aggregate supply and this is shown diagrammatically below.Aggregate demand is the quantity of total output demanded at a given price level and comprises total of all the consumption and investment goods and services as well as the required goods and services of the government and net exports. A sustained appreciation of the local currency would bring about negative effects to the economy in the short and long term. In the short term, the price of local goods and services would be relatively expensive to the goods and services of other countries which would consequently lead to a fall ...view middle of the document...

In the long term, a decrease in aggregate demand is not desirable because it could lead to a recession in the business cycle or the economic activity. This phase is characterized by such conditions such as a fall in the rate of economic growth, decreasing employment and higher levels of job vacancies and a reduction in the rate of prices or wages growth. There are four major macroeconomic objectives that each government would strive to achieve. They are price stability, full employment, economic growth and external balance in equilibrium. In order to improve the economic activity, there are two options for the government to undertake. They are the expansionary policies which are demand management policies or microeconomic reforms of the supply management policy.Expansionary policies such as fiscal and monetary policies indeed can stimulate the aggregate demand but they have destabilizing side effects that may impose more problems to the economy. For instance, expansionary fiscal policy like lower direct and indirect taxes may experience higher consumption fairly shortly after implementation. This however, may affect its productivity adversely if the increase in aggregate demand leads to an increased interest rates which are contractionary. As for expansionary monetary policy which is of attempts like lowering the interest rates, ease of obtaining credit facilities and increasing the issue of credit card applications is time-consuming and this can help to reach the full employment objective but also, worsening the price stability objective.On the other hand, supply management policy is directed towards improving producers' ability to reduce costs of production and to increase efficiency or productivity thus lifting the competitiveness of suppliers goods and services on the wo...


final paper on the effects of advertising on the youth and how ad companies manipulate the youth - english - paper

1732 words - 7 pages bodies. It seems as if everywhere you look an advertisement is ready to manipulate children with what appears to be delicious foods associated with fantasies or kids shows on television. For example, fast food restaurants have instances of using skinny female models in their advertisements eating their product, like a cheeseburger. This kind of ad tricks the consumer into thinking that they can look as good as the model and maintain a healthy body

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884 words - 4 pages 1. Is the U.S. using the issue of truck safety as a trade barrier? What proof can you offer?I think U.S. is using the issue of truck safety as a trade barrier because the increase in Mexican trucks within the limited border zone has had an adverse affect on safety in the U.S. For example, in Texas border counties, within the commercial border zone, have seen a dramatic increase in highway fatalities and serious injuries from truck with Mexican

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524 words - 3 pages American ministry of defense (the DOD: Department Of Defense). Besides the possibility to interconnect heterogeneous networks, this network was supposed to resist to a possible nuclear war, contrary to the telephone network usually used for telecommunication but considered as too vulnerable. It was then decided that ARPANET would use a standing out and promising new technology: packet switching (datagram mode). It is to meet this context that the

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2205 words - 9 pages artificial which go on to represent the emotional state of the creator. Like Dr. Caligari (1920)’s movements, overly theatrical acting and heavy makeup are used as all elements of mise-en-scene to create the overall composition. The main aim of the expressionist form is to get as far away from reality as possible and to present an objective viewpoint to a normal situation. Expressionism evokes deep feelings of mystery, alienation, dreams etc

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605 words - 3 pages share for around 2% per annum in the ice cream market. As the company share is based on the target market, we will also provide the share's details of total territory share on each company together with the sales report from each intermediary through the channel distribution.5. Timing objectiveAs we are selling ice cream, seasonal impact has a big influence in the society demand. People will usually buy ice cream in the summer season; conversely

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2101 words - 9 pages of an emergency. With family or household members, discuss with them the risks towards tsunamis and develop plans towards the matter. Be familiar with the natural disaster and research and educate yourself as well as family members on the dangers of tsunamis. Have a few designated meeting places just in case you get separated from members of the family. This is a good idea to have a meeting spot as in a scenario you may be forced to evacuate

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2547 words - 11 pages Free . Researchers here found the cue chalk could actually be a source of environmental lead(Modica 1996). There are many effects or symptom that lead poison can have on a child if diagnosed at an early age. These injuries our so severe because the body and the brain are not fully developed, which can leave children with subtle but irreversible injuries that does not appear until many years after the exposure of lead(Monheit, 1). In young children, lead

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584 words - 3 pages Free Effects of Globalization on the EnvironmentGlobalization has had a huge impact on the world in a number of ways. It has increased the integration of countries' individual economies, the rise in the world trade and multinational companies, and the effect of large amounts of money moving in and out of economies throughout the world. People around the world are more connected to each other than ever before. Information and money flow more quickly

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1301 words - 6 pages Terror Era, revolving around Napoleon. The true child of the enlightenment constantly focused on the bettering of the nation, ensuring its security and tranquility, without forfeiting and succumbing to the omnipresent force of corruption. And while in many regards he did not fall to it, he was a man of ambition, an ambition that finally led to his demise. As the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez had stated in her song Jenny From the Block, "Don't