Utiliterainism Is Torture Correct Ethics 101 Essay Question

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Essay Question
Due date: 29th March 2019
Consider the following scenario:
You and Jean are best friends growing up. Both of you are friends since childhood and your families are very close. As the years go by both of you got admitted into the same college. And as you were preparing to go, both of you promise to have each other’s back anytime.
During your time in college, both of you worked hard and scrimped through the years at college to avoid getting student loans. Your hard work paid off that both of you got the jobs you wished for and are ready for the working world. You work for the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation and Jean is an Assistant Director at a Social Security Agency (SSA).
One day you met to eat and in the process, Jean tells you that she is enjoying her work because it’s giving her an opportunity to help the poor. During your conversation Jean says that she is not asking anyone for bribes, but the people willingly decide to pay her money because they are happy with her speedy service. She says that she initially did not receive any money but when more and more people insisted, she started accepting the money. She also mentioned that, just before she arrived for lunch she was given a good amount of money by a happy beneficiary in her office.
Knowing that you work at the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, Jean shares her experience with you in confidence as a friend. As a responsible citizens of a country called Ultima thule, keeping in mind the promise you made to each other, what would be your course of action?
Argue in support of your position. Your argument must be guided by one of the following ethical theories, namely:
1.1 Utilitarianism
1.2 Libertarianism
1.3 Deontology
1.4 Virtue ethics
Essay Instructions:
· Your essay must not be longer t...


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