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Global statement
Modern day terrorism presents a global threat to peace.
Introduce author and question(Thesis)
James Mcteigue the director of the film V For Vendetta promotes the controversial perspective that terrorism can be justified and is shown to a large extent.
Film summary
Following world war, London is a police state occupied by a fascist government and a vigilante known as V who uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressors of the world in which he now lives. When v saves a young women names Evey from secret police he discovers an alley in his fight against England’s oppressors.
Mctegues endorsement of contentious perspective is accomplished through the films construction where music, characterization and the contrast of characters have all been used effectively.
Through the exploration of the films construction and conventions viewers are positioned to align their beliefs with Mcteigues
Body 1 (Music)
Topic sentence
Mcteigue promotes justified acts of terrorism by using music to portray V’s undertakings as warranted and morally acceptable.
The orchestral song ‘1812 overture’ is used during the blowing up of both the ‘old bailey and the ‘House of Parliament’. The song is extremely cheerful and characterised as victory music, by associating joviality and acts of terrorism, viewers are influenced to believe that terrorism is commendable when committed for a justified reason, this is shown to a large and impacting extent.
The song ‘cry me a river’ was used in the scene where Evey wakes up in v’s secret underground house, although v is shown to be a violent and extreme man, this music helps present him as warm hearted and controlled. This leads viewers to believe his actions are measured and conducted by a person with good reason, ‘cry me a river’ helped create this assumption as it is a slow moving and relaxing love song which breaks down stereotypes of V who has only previously been seen in action scenes.
Body 2 (characterization)
Topic sentence
Mcteigue endorses the idea that terrorism can be justified through the characterization of V to a large extent.
Dialogue in the film gives viewers a clear indication of V’s intelligence, in the scene where V saves Evey from the ‘finger men’ and he performs a poem with the alliteration of the letter ‘V’, “Voila, in view of a humble villain veteran cast vicariously as victim and villain”, this illustrates V’s intelligence and ability to adapt language. Intelligence is associated with reason giving V’s actions creditability, allowing viewers to believe his actions must be justified or an intelligent man such as himself would not perform them.
V’s character is partly developed by the way Evey responds to him, Evey interacts with V in such a way that gives the viewers great confidence in that the plans he has install for London are the correct way to bring about change. Evey is revealed as a p...

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