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Vacation Essay

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The sun was shining bright on the morning of that Tuesday. The sky was cloudless, looking up to be a seemingly endless region of the color sapphire. The air was humid as always and the heat was beating down on us before we had even started. The calm waters gently hit against rocky walls. The sound of the sea waters rolling coupled up with the breeze of the sea filled me up with enthusiasm. I skipped happily, leading with a party of three to our destination, as I held the rods in my grip. The stroll to our destination was long but it was ...view middle of the document...

We seek refuge from the sweltering heat of the sun inside a small shade area. My father prepared the nets and the rods, while Daniel and Elvin followed me to scout the area to get a brief insight on what we may be catching. Unsurprisingly, the fishes caught were miserable in size. Nevertheless, it was their first time on the jetty and probably their first salt-water fishing trip. The entire atmosphere was just friendly and calming, unlike staying cropped up in my room going stale. The sun was all time bright but thankfully we had, although little, protection against the heat.My father prepared 5 crab nets and 2 fishing rods. We started out with the crab nets, placing it in various places of the jetty, except the aisle. 15 minutes later when all the nets were placed, I reeled mine in and surprisingly caught a fish - a 1 foot long ( estimated ) Puffer fish. That piqued Daniel's and Elvin's interest but unfortunately that seemed to be the only catch for the day - by Yours Truly.Other than that, the fishes outsmarted Elvin and Daniel into snagging the bait without getting caught but it was nevertheless fun.Time really flies when you're having fun; they say. What I had learn that day was the bitter truth that all good things come to an end. It was indeed the piece of resistance of my June holidays.

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