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What are values? Values are a set of beliefs, ideas, and morals. Honesty, respect towards others, and learning to solve problems without resorting to violence are examples of values. Values helps a person determine what is right from what is wrong. Values help to build a person's character and personality. Now a days, many young teenagers are growing up without values. It is not uncommon to hear of teenagers getting into trouble. The decline of values among the American youth is a serious problem. The decline of values among youth have led to an increase in crime and violence, sexual activity, and drug abuse.Today youths are committing more crime and acts of violence more than ever. N ...view middle of the document...

' Each year, as many as 225,000 guns are stolen from homes, businesses and vehicles' ( ). Kids carries guns around because they believe that it commands respect from their peers and that no one would try to mess with them. Many crimes committed involves guns. Teenagers commit crimes towards each other and well as adults. Teenagers commit crimes for reasons ranging from needing money for drugs to needing money to buy a new pair of shoes. Teenagers wearing expensive jewelry or shoes are targets of other young offenders .What could cause teenagers to commit more crimes and acts of violence? More and more kids are growing up exposed daily to violence on television and their own neighborhoods and with a lack of moral or religious teachings ( ). The violence on television helps contributes to the desensitization of the today's youth. Kids of today have less respect or no regard for human life. Children do not understand how precious life is and how wrong it is to take a life. Growing up in single parent homes also helps factor in to the increase of violence among teenagers. ' Some studies suggest that 70% of juvenile offenders come from single-parent homes.' ( ) Parents often leave their kids alone to take care of themselves while they are at work. With a lack of parental guidance, children often look to the streets as their home away from home. The streets can be filled with drugs and pushers trying to sell their poison to others. Gangs and the possibility of violence lurks on the corners of the streets. The streets can be a dangerous place for a young person to learn the lessons of life.


Values Of Heroes Essay

520 words - 3 pages Throughout time, heroes have always been honored. Heroes have not always been thought of the same way. To people of ancient civilization, heroes were highly regarded, and a model of what the perfect citizen should strive to be. Today, heroes act more as icons, and are not what people feel they should model themselves after. The changes in the values of a hero are definitely negative. Ancient civilization valued many heroes. Mythological

Ethics In Society - Values Clarification

2400 words - 10 pages , and appreciate, my core and personal values, where they are derived from and how relevant they are to all aspects of my life, including most of the decisions I make everyday.Reference ListCohen, S. 2004, 'What is Ethics? in The Nature of Moral Reasoning. The Framework and Activities of Ethical Deliberation, Argument and Decision Making, Oxford University Press.Corey, G., Corey, M.S. & Callanan, P. 2003, Issues and Ethics in the Helping

Ideas And Values Shape Who You Become In Society

1259 words - 6 pages ", the characters were raised to have religious values and to behave in a way that will make it easy for them to fit into their society. The main characters in these stories had their values imposed on them at a young age, and helped to shape who they've become and how they behave in society.Religion is a cornerstone for the characters in both stories. They are taught what is acceptable in their religion, in this case Christianity, and realize

The Place Of Courtly Values In Chaucer's "The Miller's Tale"

1112 words - 5 pages characters. While the adherence to courtly values is usually what is hoped for in the gentility, and admired in the lower classes, we see that "The Miller's Tale" mocks those who obey traditional standards of behaviour. As we can see by the outcome of the events in the tale, "The Miller's Tale" prizes those characters who are shrewd, and who leave the ideals of the courtly values behind. This is made evident by the fact that Absolon is punished for his

values and ethics of social work practice - university bsc2year - essay

2713 words - 11 pages people. Ethics, on the other hand, refers to the mode of conduct governing a particular type of individuals such as the workplace (Barker 2003). Standards are set to define proper behavior from illegal conduct. People working in the one profession tend to have different ethical standards as opposed to another business. Social workers in the healthcare industry have different ethics and values as from those in the accounting industries. Values and

Professional Roles and Values Task One - WGU - Research

4772 words - 20 pages Free illness from a positive perspective that these patients could be cured. It changed everything we do for the mentally ill: the system, the focus of care, and different training of nursing are just a few examples of what Dix helped to bring forth in the mental health field. Because of Dorothea Dix, it is practical to relate that today mental illness is treated from social, psychological, biological, and spiritual domains. Modern psychiatry has made

C304 Task 1 Professional Roles and Values - WGU C304 - Assignment

4432 words - 18 pages Practice Act As I review the Nurse Practice Acts for both Wisconsin and Minnesota, I am unable to find any differences regarding the scope of practice for RN or UAP. Both states are very detailed in what the scope of nursing is for RN and LPN but vague with UAP. Although Wisconsin and Minnesota use different words in their nurse practice act, they both identify the Registered Nurse as a “professional” nurse who uses the nursing process (assess, plan

Professional Roles and Values. Taskstream 1 C304 - WGU, C304 - Essay

2225 words - 9 pages their rights. The scope of practice for Registered Nurses in Maryland defines the limit on what nurses are legally allowed to do which include administration of medications and treatment, teaching, counselling, supervision and delegation. The RN is accountable for delegating nursing interventions. It involves assigning a competent individual the authority to perform a selected nursing task. The nurse gives the delegatee clear instructions and

Nietzsche's Transvaluation of Values, explicated in "On The Genealogy of Morals" - Ryerson phl 661 - Essay

675 words - 3 pages 1 Nietzsche’s Transvaluation 9 Nietzsche’s Transvaluation of Values, explicated in “On The Genealogy of Morals” Ysabella Ross Student ID: 500762695 PHL661: Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud Professor Kym Maclaren 418 Jorgenson Hall March 27, 2018 In Nietzsche’s literary work, “On The Genealogy of Morals”, he explains that there is more than one concept of what people believe to be good and how these definitions exist. For example, he reevaluates the

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615 words - 3 pages Quality or Quantity; When Incentives Don’t Match Your Values SWS Marketing Ethics What do you see as the ethical dilemma? Some of the ethical dilemmas I see in this case is that Silicon Valley Tech is setting up their representatives to fail, either professionally or morally. They are doing this by creating these quotas that may be unrealistic and pressuring the representative meet them. Although they are trying to be inspiring, by offering a

Anglo-Saxon Values in Beowulf

399 words - 2 pages The folk epic Beowulf reflects many Anglo-Saxon values. The Anglo-Saxon epic stresses the physical world, fairness, boasting, love of glory, belief in wyrd, deep sense of loyalty to the tribe and the tribal leader, and the importance of generosity and bravery.The Anglo-Saxon value of fairness is reflected by Beowulf. He asks Hrothgar the favor of fighting alone with Grendel with only the help of his men, as stated in this line, "That this one

Consequentialism and Deontology - Ethics and Values - Essay

851 words - 4 pages live to better the majority of the people. Consequentialist can only be wrong if you can determine what is morally correct but there’s no specific answer for that, truth is in most situations we don’t know what is considered to be morally correct. Deontology is the study of the nature of duty and obligation​. ​Deontology beliefs have been around for many centuries, many call it the belief on how things ought to be. Deontologist believe that the

Discusses Ethical Values Of Criminal Defense Attorneys

3115 words - 13 pages Free behavior?One reason lawyers are criticized as much as we are is that rather than deal with the issues head-on, we often duck the hard questions by engaging in glib distinctions and faulty logic. Some lawyers offer the questionable notion that the only "truth" in a criminal trial is what a jury tells us it is. Sometimes lawyers hide behind the assertion that it is the job of the jury and not the lawyer to decide the case, thereby evading the tough moral

Ethics, Values and Self-Awareness - soci - reflection

1135 words - 5 pages REFLECTION 1: Ethics, Values and Self-Awareness Our thoughts and values are shaped during the time of infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. These thinking may be based on our own experiences, education received or society influences. It is clear that our past experiences, social norms, values from the others, characteristics, prejudices or stereotypes shape. Areas that require further growth and personal change: Knowing how my past

Psychology paper on beliefs and values - Social work - Essay

862 words - 4 pages a uncomfortable, dangerous, or scary situation. In life many people experience a time where they have to think about what they’re going to do next. Personally, I’ve experienced a few situations where I had to pick if I was going to fight back, freeze up, or walk/run away. A couple years ago I got my license, but I didn’t have my own car, so I shared with my mom. Thoughts and Feelings Not having my own car was stressful, I would have to make sure