Venn Diagram Of Compare And Contrast Art Rasmussen College/Art Appreciation Assighnment

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Venn Diagram 1
1. Understand the object
2. Various textures
3. Sculpting tools and materials used
1. Subject of the piece of art
2. Use of hands
3. Size of the piece of art
1. Visualize the object
2.Lack of Texture
3. Drawing tools and materials used
In this summary I am going to use the information within the Venn Diagram above, which compares and contrasts Drawing and Sculpting media types, to explain and analyze the similarities and differences between each media type. I chose drawing and sculpting because I was very intrigued by the personal expression you can have with both of these media types by looking at the unique similarities and differences, I have listed within the Venn Diagram for each media type.
Drawing requires visualization and learning to see the lines and shapes that make up an object. An illustrator must take what subject they visualize and put it on a surface and draw them into shapes and then fine tune the configurations to create their piece. Sculpting depends upon the sculptor to understand the object that they are emulating to create an adequately depicted sculpture. A sculptor must understand the forms to develop and mold the forms further to create their piece.
Unlike sculpting, drawing doesn’t have physical touch and feel type of texture; it lacks any type of texture. In drawing an illustrator creates a piece by the form of lines, shapes, and shading using a variety of tools and materials to illustrate their piece, so there is no texture in a drawing. Sculptors use a variety of tools and materials to create the texture and shape they want the object to become, so do illustrators. Textures in sculptures differ from very smooth to very rough depending on what the sculptor desires.
Tools for drawing can be pencils, charcoal, chalk, paint and ink Materials used in drawing tool paper, canvas or panels. Tools used by sculptors can be hand tools such as wire tools, wooden tools, shaping tools, and ribbon tools. Materials used in sculpting are metal, clay, marble, and wood. Both media types do use tools and materials, but the key here is the distinct differences in the tools and materials used.
In my Venn Diagram, I listed three similarities. First listed is “Subjects.” Subjects for either a sculptor or an illustrator can be the same. An illustrator could draw any person, place or thing, just as a sculptor could sculpt any place or thing. Second, on the list is “Use of Hands.” An illustrator uses their hands to hold their tool of choice to form lines and shapes and to shade their painting. A sculptor often uses their hands to mold and shape clay or other material to form an object. The third similarity I listed is “Size.” The sizes of sculptures and drawings can be as small or as large as the sculptor or illustrator desires. Both drawings and sculptures can be small enough to fit in your hand or as large as a room. This is a unique similarity that most media types do not possess.
In conclusion, these ...


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