Veterans Affair Data Theft Issue Universoty Of The Cumberlands ,Legal Regulations Essay

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UNIT - 1
Legal Regulations Compliance and Investigation
Case Scenario: Veterans Affairs Data Loss Evaluation
Based on the information provided in this case, A burglary turned into a massive data theft, the agency employee had taken home his work computer which had a lot of sensitive information regarding Veterans. The article says that 26.5 million records were stolen which included, Social Security Numbers, Date of Birth as well as their disability ratings. The data that was compromised in this case is very huge and the type of data that had been compromised is very sensitive in this case. Firstly, I would want to point out that a laptop containing such delicate information should not have been allowed to be taken out of the Veterans affairs agency. The agency should have focused more on data encryption when taking care of sensitive information such as SSN’s, Date of Births and Disability ratings.
Stronger and stricter security policies had to be implemented by the Veterans Affairs agency. As the data they were dealing with was very sensitive. The data should have been classified into different security levels based on their sensitivity. Also, in the article it states that the company has a work from home policy, the company should have made stronger security guidelines and should not have allowed work from home in this case. Also, they should have used encryption and a strong remote access policy to keep the data safe.
Another mistake made by the agency supervisors was they waited a while...


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