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Freedom isn’t free...
President Ronald Regan
What this quote means to me is although we have freedom, our military branches do not. They are They die so we can be free. Everyday someone is dying for you.
How can we honor them? Simply start with a “thank you.” We could have a fundraiser to donate to the USO. We could all make cards to send to our army and our veterans. Send a care package to Operation Gratitude. Display a yellow ribbon on your clothes, car, or around a tree. As kids is so many amazing ways to honor a veteran. Those are only a few. Start simple and it could become big.
Preserving the freedom that Americans hold so close is a duty all citizens should recognize. As the youth of America, we are learning the importance and the wonderful quality of nationwide freedom. Our teachers are attempting to show us the reasons behind our freedom. Knowing the way freedom is fought for in other countries, many are waking to the danger of losing ours. An important aspect of preserving freedom is placing good, intelligent people in public offices. After that is done, they must know that the people believe in them.
As kids we need to pay attention to what is happening in our political world because we will make a change.
One could work in a small community by paying attention to local events. Some businesses endanger the freedom by controlling trade by pushing out weaker tradesmen. Keeping the market open for all people is very important. During the year you read...

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