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Who came to Fulton, MO six months after the end of World War II?
Winston Churchill.
Why did he come? What did he say descended upon the continent?
He came to sound an alarm: The countries of Eastern Europe had been trapped under Soviet domination. There was still a tyrant, Joseph Stalin, left in Europe. An “iron curtain” descended upon the continent.
What happened to the jobs when the soldiers returned home?
There were few jobs to offer.
Was it hard for factories to transition back to non-war production?
Driving force behind American economy?
The American consumer.
Describe life after World War II?
There was a lot of opportunity created in spite of war. Funds were given, houses were built, businesses grew. The economy flourished.
How was the need for veteran’s housing solved?
Bill Levitt flattened potato fields and built houses quickly by hiring construction workers.
How many houses were done in the morning and in the afternoon? In a week? For how much could you buy a house?
18 houses were done in the morning, 18 more in the afternoon, and 180 were done in a week. A decent house costed about $8,000.
What did the idea of limitless optimism lead to?
The baby boom.
Why was it not a great time for women?
Women became “breeders.” They gave up their careers for their husbands and babies. It was a step back for women.
Truman was angry about segregation. What did he do?
He demanded change. He sent a civil rights message to Congress, the first civil rights message ever sent to Congress by any president, and he ordered the desegregation of the armed forces and of the federal government.
What national sport was changed in 1947? How was it changed?
Baseball. Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers and became the first African American in major league baseball.
How did the US help war devastated Europe?
The US supported them after war ...

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