Video Essay For Making A Video On A Chosen Topic - English - Essay

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Assessment (Comparative Essay)
Ontario Categories of Assessment
Student Mark
Possible Mark
IB Assessment Criteria
Producing Text
Using Language
Student Mark
Possible Mark
Course Expectations Covered: B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4
SOI: An ideal theme of Gothic literature is how an individual’s point of view on revenge impacts their relationship with others.
Create a video essay in which you show how choices made by the artists and creators of the Wuthering Heights graphic novel communicate a central theme in the novel in a “Gothic” way.
Step 1: Choose a topic to develop into a theme statement
Khalsa Community School
Grade 10, English, ENG 2D
Impacts of Childhood Experiences
Loss of Innocence
Love and Revenge
Cycles and Repetition
Parent-Child Relationships
Nature and the Supernatural
Physical vs. Emotional/Mental Trauma
Loyalty and Betrayal
Acceptance and Ostracism
Freedom and Imprisonment
Step 2: Create an outline of your essay
Step 3: Gather evidence from the graphic novel to use in communicating your argument
Step 4: Create a draft (using storyboard template) that shows the visual and textual elements of your essay.
Step 5: Publish your essay
Evaluation Rubric:
Level One
Level Two
Level Three
Level Four
Demonstrated understanding of text features
- shows very limited knowledge of character, symbolism, setting and theme in the text
- shows some knowledge of character, symbolism, setting and theme in the text
- shows knowledge of character, symbolism, setting and theme in the text
- shows considerable and thorough knowledge of character, symbolism, setting and theme in the text
Demonstrated appropriate connections between theme, setting, symbol and character
- demonstrated few or no connections between theme, setting, symbol and character
- thesis met one of four criteria
- demonstrated some connections between theme, setting, symbol and character
- thesis met two of four criteria
- demonstrated connections between theme, setting, symbol and character
- thesis met three of four criteria
- demonstrated thoughtful and appropriate connections between theme, setting, symbol and character
- thesis met all four criteria
Formal and grade-appropriate language is used. Essay is edited for convention mistakes.
- formal and grade appropriate language is not used
- essay has many convention mistakes
- formal and grade appropriate language is sometimes used
- essay has very some convention mistakes
- formal and grade appropriate language is used
- essay has very few convention mistakes
- formal and grade appropriate language is consistently and effectively used
- essay has almost no convention mistakes
Essay is organized into paragraphs and appropriate format for formal essay is applied (including citations).
- essay is not appropriately organized and formatted, citations are not correctly applied
- essay is sometimes appropriately organized...

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