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Video Games Essay

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Video games have benefited the entertainment industry from being a source of home theatre to individual training in skill, math, science and creativity arts. It's expense is marked on the ratings of its education, advanced technology, and popularity.Firstly, a popular game can derive from sources of plot, character, and theme which will improve an individual's creativity in arts, and hand-eye coordination skill. The task of role-playing genres are completing quests and earning professional skills. The characters in the game are your team, and there are frequently three to eight in a game, though only some of them may be able to fight at a time, and players have to balance their teams to use all their skills effectively. On the other hand, there are the classic games like NASCAR, and ...view middle of the document...

Games let people be creative and interact with their world whereas TV tells people what to think.Secondly, the advanced technology of games has demonstrated the complex aspects of programming and art combined to create digitally enhanced graphics. Information has increasingly allow thousands of people to meet in virtual environments where games can accomplish what TV could never in terms of addressing educational and social challenges. Technology has generally advanced from the "Pong", a home console arcade game to a boxed-like system of Playstation 3. The capacity of putting computerized data into a small unit has improved dramatically, and transforming the 2-D dimensions of graphics turned to realistic matters of 3-D dimensions. Therefore the data of programming and construction shaped the functions of math to physics.Thirdly, every game is educational in ideas and structures of thought - ways of making sense of the world. Just as Tetris, on the simple level of geometry, encourages you to discover previously unnoticed patterns in the natural landscape. And more sophisticated games can teach you how to recognize more complex interrelationships. The simulation gameSimCity, for example, immerses you in the dynamics of building and developing a city- creating neighborhoods, building roads, and managing the police force. In learning how to play the game, you develop an intuitive sense of how each aspect affects another. The result of a majority of games will highly increase an individual's knowledge to make sense and interpretation of the science world.The media of video games is an influential part of an individual to advancing education, training, medical treatment, or better government. Games have the matter of interpreting the world of science to reality in basics of functions and it's rising in the movement of evoluting far beyond pure entertainment.

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