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Videogames Effects On Kids Essay

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Anyone who has been aware of the advancements in technology, which have occurred over the past few decades, knows how popular video/digital games have become. They have evolved into a force in the lives of millions of Americans. Parents and teachers are rapidly developing more concern when they see their kids devoted to these videogames. This may be because ...view middle of the document...

A growing number of parents believe that their children learn values more from the mass media rather than from their homes and school. Many are disturbed by the contents of some of these games and the increasing numbers of children diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyparactivity disorder) seems to be a probable side effect of this type of lifestyle. The videogame technology must be recognised for its role and influence on the younger generation because, for better or worse, it clearly affects their academic and social lifes.The advanced technology in upcoming videogame machines allows the players to interact with screen images in ways never before possible, sometimes to an alarmingly realistic degree. Children, and adults alike, are spending countless hours with these machines, literally glued to them in order to meet contrived imaginary challenges. This is a disturbing and even dangerous way for people to live their lives. These games often promote violence and entrap people into living in a fantasy world.

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