Viking Ship Essay About The Sea Splitter And How It Sailed The Sea In Viking Times Humanities History

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Carson Richards
Mr. Moore
Humanities 10
November 4, 2018
The Sea Splitter
The famous “Sea Splitter” was built in the small city of Ribe, Denmark by a group of ten
Danish men. The men spent countless amounts of hours working on building a ship that could
hopefully lead them to a small island off the coast of Denmark that was filled with gold and
treasures. Years later, the ship was built and ready to go to sea. The men packed up their
supplies, loaded the ship, and said goodbye to their families. They set sail for the small island of
Seaside. Soon after leaving Denmark, the five men were approaching something in the water
that they could not tell what it was. As they moved closer, they realized that it was another ship
of men and it appeared that they were going to take the loot of the island of Seaside too. The
Danish men saw the flag of Sweden hanging from the top of the boat, and knew that they had to
battle it out in the water. The Danes shot first and hit the side of the Swedish boat with their
cannon. It left a huge hole and the ship slowly started to sink. Knowing their ship had been
attacked, the Swedish men grabbed their swords and swam over to the Danish ship to fight it
out. The Danes were very experienced sword fighters and easily killed all of the Swedish...

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