Violent Video Games Impacting The Way Children Behave Emcc Eng 102 Essay

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Marco Canales
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15 October 2018
Violent video games lead to violent behaviors
Did you know violent video games have been linked to episodes of violent behaviors in its users? Many studies have been done and have come up with evidence to back up this claim. From school shootings to police reports of physical abuse, violent video games have been linked to having an influence. Over the years violent video games have been a hot topic when it comes to having a psychological effect on its users. There are multiple games that give a player total control of an imaginary world, which can give them ideas on how to plot out actual acts of violence. Parents don’t pay much thought to the effect violent video games have on their children. With all of the violent events, like shootings, that have been going on through-out the nation, violent video games have a major impact on affecting a person’s behavior. Which can cause a short episode of violent behavior, but can last long enough to affect not only the person but those around them, who are innocent.
For years this has been a hot topic when it comes to having effects on a person’s behavior. They pose a great risk due to its effects. Many people don’t expect such games to have a psychological effect on someone’s behavior. These games have been known to cause higher levels of aggression, both short-term and long-term. Many studies have been done along with extensive research. Many of these studies have found that violent video games have an effect on a person’s behavior, but also some have found that it doesn’t. Some believe a game can’t have any effect on children much less adults. Studies have shown being exposed to violence at a young age can lead to an increase in the levels of aggression these children experience. Many people believe it is just a game and aren’t aware of the possible damage they are making, when allowing their children play such games. Not to mention how real these games can seem, some allow complete control of an imaginary world, which can resemble the world of the player. Video games have evolved over the years, from low-graphic shooting games, to realistic first person shooting games such as Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto.
Some researchers believe there is insufficient evidence to prove such a thing. For example, “ playing violent video games is in fact correlated with less aggression and crime in the real world,” (Bailey, 7+). According to the studies done and the research collected, levels of aggression seemed to be lower for those who played violent video games. The article also states that months after the release of violent video games, there has been a decrease in violent crimes, such as assault, physical abuse and even homicides. Even up to four years after the release if violent video games there was still a decrease in violence related to video games. Due to the statistics represented by the article, there is no correlation t...


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