Visual Analysis Effect Of Accident By Alcohol Engl 1301 Essay

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Krystal Nguyen
Professor Jose Jimenez
Engl. 1301. 83032
27 March 2018
Drinking and Driving
In today's society, many people die from drinking alcohol. Recently there have been many campaigns to reduce and eliminate poor driving. Campaigns and advertising have certainly helped reduce the number of deaths each year due to drunken driving. There are different ways in which advertising tries to influence everyone to prevent it. The ads I've explicitly chosen came to me, which has caused my interest and has changed my opinion about drunk driving. There is one of the commercials that I think is so powerful that people can feel of drinking and driving. This ad does not feature a lot of aesthetics, but it makes people shock and attract the viewer's attention by the stimulate the human imagination.
At first glance, this is a standard Abramet ad. From color to image in the advertising nothing outstanding. The ad showed a car painted on what one might infer was a can of beer; one of the crushes is almost crushed to represent a drunk driving collision. The primary color in the advertisement is gray, bringing a sad feeling. The cans on the road make us think it's a can of beer. When creating this ad, Abramet used a strategy to stimulate our association. I thought it was a beer can on the street. Because when I look at the space of the advertisement I see, it seems like a road with a marquee painted yellow. The roughness of the pavement makes us feel prone to stumble; when driving, it will crash. Just like the picture of the car on the crushed beer can cause us to think of an accident. The author intends to stimulate the human imagination, which is a particular part of Abramet's advertising. In advertising, we see the light; it feels dazzling like they use high-pressure lamps to illuminate. These lights often used in construction sites, stadiums or an accident in the evening. It is essential that Abramet use the car's image to paint the can of beer. While this cannot be normal, it is crash. The ad for drinking and driving has a language-text message that says "You can drink and drive. Or drink and.". I think this is an open statement because it says "and." The author intends to fill in the blank space of the message. I feel like a verse. The first part ends with the word "drive", so I chose the same word with the word "drive" with the word "die". They have the same vowel as "d" and the same pronunciation. Abramet's message would be "You can drink and drive. Or drink and die.". I like this ad because of its penetration. It does not seem too violent, but if through my imagination this is a powerful warning about drunk driving. I think this is a successful ad, as it makes the viewer take part in the story. All the images, messages, colors, places in the ad are imaginative.
Photos have placed in a night setting that is usually when a drunk driving accident occurs. They use the ironic and persuasive pathos in such a way that affects anyone who sees this. The image of how alcoholic and dangerous driving is, and the possible consequences of drunken driving. The depicted image has a significant impact on persuading people not to drink and drive and does not allow anyone to operate when they have been drinking.


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