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Voice Recognition Fantasy Or Reality? Tech Paper

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Executive SummaryIn today's busy manufacturing environment, Executives, and their Assistants are always looking at efficient ways of completing daily tasks. The problem we chose to resolve is present in many of today's fast paced offices.The role of Executive Secretaries is changing in business. Not only is the Executive Secretary present to assist in daily activities, but also has been empowered to make decisions in the business environment. Many of these Assistants work long, stressful hours and are just as consumed in their responsibilities as the Executives themselves.With this in mind, we set out to research the use of Voice Recognition Software programs in a business environment. In ...view middle of the document...

With this in mind, the Executive Secretaries are quite busy and often require overtime. They handle the fast paced office well and are committed to getting their jobs done efficiently. Their team meets biweekly on issues pertaining to their roles in the company. Each of them has noticed a continued need for excessive overtime to complete their routine jobs. This problem has been consistent for the last six months and they are beginning to burn out. The Executives themselves are beginning to notice small changes in their work and attitude and are willing to try anything to help cut some time off their secretaries' day. The help of the Information Technology Department has been enlisted. IT will begin searching for a voice recognition program to help reduce some of the problems.The ProblemThe team of Executive Secretaries has to work excessive overtime to complete their routine jobs. They have attended meetings and time management training to help the situation but nothing seems to alleviate the continued problem of overtime.After a brainstorming session, the team came up with some great solutions including having each Executive's personal computer equipped with a Voice Recognition Software Program.The team's main reason for the voice recognition suggestion is based on the amount of time it takes to decipher handwritten notes and letters written by the executives.The executives would then be able to compose their own notes and letters. There may be a need for the Executive Secretaries to format these notes and letters into appropriate business format. The team believes the time spent on this reformatting will be less than trying to decipher handwritten notes from the executive team.The Executive Team is willing to try the Voice Recognition Program as long as it is not excessively expensive. The Executive Team would like to give this a try considering none of them have the time or the desire to learn to type their own notes and correspondence. The Information Technology Department has received approval to begin the search for a Voice Recognition Software Package.Voice RecognitionWe will start by defining what speech recognition actually is: The definition of speech recognition is the process in which software digitizes spoken words, then uses mathematical models to identify and transcribe the words. Voice-recognition software is used with an increasingly wide range of business software but lacks the ability to understand the meaning of what is said.(1)The proposed technological solution to increasing the secretaries' time and efficiency, and allowing the executives to write their own letters or memos, is voice recognition. Voice recognition can be used for a variety of reasons. It can be used to accommodate disabilities, help those who are unable to type, improve productivity, or in this case free up some time for the secretaries so they are able to do other tasks.Whatever the reason for voice recognition, it will require some time and money to...

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