Wal Mart A Case For Latin American Expansion

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Wal-Mart:A Case for Latin American ExpansionWhile there is still growth potential in the US market through "green" initiatives, improved cost and technology efficiency, and its neighborhood market format, Wal-Mart's greatest growth opportunity lies in its core competency. Wal-Mart's success has been driven by strong store expansion, leveraged through best in class supply chain management. In a saturated US market, Wal-Mart should look to emulate this strategy in emerging markets. Wal-Mart's international footprint is relatively small with limited presence in the three primary markets of China, Latin America, and Europe. We believe Latin America has the most potential growth opportunities ...view middle of the document...

With Wal-Mart's dominant market share in the U.S. and Mexico1, the next progression in their international strategy is to optimize and expand their existing footprint in Latin America to replicate this success. Wal-Mart can adapt to changes in the market place sooner by adjusting their go-to-market strategy of store types to align with consumer and cultural needs instead of simply building large hypermarkets. For example, in 2008 Wal-Mart Brazil will concentrate on their Toda Dia and Maxxi brands which are smaller, bodega type stores, in order to better reach value conscious consumers.The retail market in this region is still currently underdeveloped as Carrefour is the only other global, big-box competitor within the region. Within the most developed countries of Brazil and Argentina, Wal-Mart is only 4th and 8th in market share, respectively. In addition, they have not yet entered other rapidly emerging South American markets. With such potential in areas so close to their core business, the next step to realize immediate profitability is to increase expansion in South and Central Americas.Understanding the local culture and its needs is the key to generating high ROI and controlling risks in the Latin American economy. The ability and agility to respond to local consumers is the key to success. For example, Hispanics tend to be conservative and traditional and have established certain patterns and buying habits that Wal-Mart must adapt to. Wal-Mart must approach each market with flexibility and a keen sense of awareness on how best to accommodate the target consumer.South America has experienced tremendous growth in population, including the middle class, as well as a growing purchasing power over the last several years in these countries. There are 268.8 million people in Latin America who are active consumers, compared with 178.8 million people in the United States. Latin America is one of the most youthful regions of the world with a median age of 24 years and a population of 52.1 million people between 15 and 19 years old, compared to a median age in the United States of 35.5, and a population between 15 and 19 of 21.7 million. With more buying power, a growing youth population and a general aspiration for American products, there is significant opportunity for growth.Wal-Mart's international markets have the ability to waiver from some core "Wal-Mart philosophies," such as a steadfast focus on hypermarket expansion, which provide a unique opportunity to leverage the Wal-Mart brand and scale, yet capitalize on their specific market needs. In much of South America, Wal-Mart needs to redirect its energy towards growth in lower income segments and smaller towns with its Bodega format. The retailer consistently captures market share from traditional trade through its successful marketing and merchandising strategy to this segment of the population. Another key opportunity in Latin America is consumer credit services. These are becom...


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783 words - 4 pages Wal Mart, the world's largest retailer, has been under fire for its employment practices. Also under fire is the pay and benefits package, which has a large population of Wal Mart workers receiving public assistance. New policies on pay, promotions, diversity, benefits, and how to notify cashiers of their breaks were unveiled at the company's annual shareholders meeting.It is estimated that California Wal Mart workers earn an average 31% less

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1757 words - 8 pages Germany with the standards and company culture used in the U.S. While this strategy was proven in the states, they struggled with success in Germany. The lessons taken away from the experiences in Germany helped supply learning opportunities for future expansion endeavors. Walmart’s expansion into the UK was more successful in part to the issues faced in Germany. References Neissa, L. & Tumbull, G. (2004, April). Wal-Mart in Europe. Harvard Business School, Case 704-027 (Revised 2004, July).

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528 words - 3 pages Analysis of Wal-Mart Financial Statement for Year Ended January 31, 2004The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Significant inter company transactions have been eliminated in consolidation. investments in which Wal-Mart has a 20 per cent to 50 percent voting interest and which Management control are accounted for using the equity method.The management at Wal-Mart has developed and

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3718 words - 15 pages Sam Walton, a leader with an innovative vision, started his own company and made it into the leader in discount retailing that it is today. Through his savvy, and sometimes unusual, business practices, he and his associates led the company forward for thirty years. Today, four years after his death, the company is still growing steadily. Wal-Mart executives continue to rely on many of the traditional goals and philosophies that Sam's legacy left

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4205 words - 17 pages some locations even auto repair. Wal-Mart locations are in fact, so large that one can compare them to a small city. The store manager acts as the mayor, the supervisors are council members and women, and the employees are the townspeople. As such, each store has a well-developed culture and several rules and procedures that must be followed to ensure that each individual is fulfilling his or her role within the group. In order for the store to

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4201 words - 17 pages research and planning that needed to be done before expansion began. Instead of adapting business operations to the Japanese culture, the company essentially assumed the Japanese would readily adapt to Wal-Mart’s. This was not the case. For example, in Japan there is a much larger need for local store customization. The culture tends to buy more fresh produce than pre-packaged goods as well (something Wal-Mart does not usually specialize in). Lastly

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873 words - 4 pages find a Wal-Mart somewhere in that city. Coming to this type of realization, it really made me think not only how big Wal-Mart really is, but also how influential a company like this can be, whether for better or worse. Often times when a new Wal-Mart location opens in a new area, you more or less see a trend start to develop. At first people tend to get all hell bent over the idea of a Wal-Mart invading their personal space. People begin to argue

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1337 words - 6 pages Award for Corporate Leadership, a presidential award that recognizes companies for outstanding achievement in employee and community relations. In addition to all the rewards and recognition, Wal-Mart does some serious advertising. From the commercials with the smiley faces slashing prices to their slogan "Always Low Prices. Always". Everyone has either seen it or heard it. Furthermore, Wal-Mart is deeply involved in the community. In 2003, Wal

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1130 words - 5 pages conducted item audits, counting the goods on hand for a particular merchandise unit and recording those results the next day. The physical inventories of both Wal-Mart and Sam's usually revealed shrinkage.Shrinkage (or overage) is the difference between the inventory determined from the perpetual inventory records and the amount of inventory actually on hand. Because shrinkage reduces profits, WalMart has devoted extensive resources to monitoring and