Wall-e Paper English 101 Ethos Pathos Logos - English 101 - Essay

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Olivia Fant
Ms. Caskey
English 101
5 December 2018
I. We are living in Pixar’s future.
a. Self driving cars, humans glued to the screens of their devices, trash everywhere, one company to rule them all.
b. 2008 Pixar hit Wall-e.
c. Debuting at a time when economy hits its lowest point since the Great Depression.
d. Foreboding predictions
e. Andrew Stanton’s garbage-covered, humanless Earth of the year 2805 becomes a reality.
II. Have you recycled today?
a. Skyscrapers are replaced with prominent mountains of garbage that grow higher than the clouds.
b. Insects are considered rare.
c. Wall-e spends his days, alone, cleaning up the stray piles of garbage as he adds to the growing mountains of waste.
d. Garbage disposal; more than 1,600 pounds of garbage per person per year; Nearly 1,200 pounds of that waste is organic, meaning it can be composted instead.
e. Every year humans produce 2.12 billion tons of waste, with most of it going into landfills and the ocean.
III. There are many types of devices and internet using in Wall-e like there is in the real world today.
a. We’re exposed to about 300-5,000 advertisements a day.
b. Wall-e’s floating holographic screens aren’t common, but they do exist.
c. The number of advertisers on Facebook tripled from on million in 2013 to three million in 2016.
d. Pod-like cars for obese people.
e. The era of the smart phone is well upon us; Pokémon go, social media, internet browsing.
f. Eve is modeled off of the iPod (stave jobs was the once-chairman and majority stakeholder in Pixar). (Seth Dellon)
IV. Small business no longer paint the streets in the futuristic world of Wall-e
a. One company hijacks the world; Buy ‘n Large.
b. Amazon, Apple, and Google are just a couple of the names of mjor corporations that have stretched their roots across countless different platforms.
c. There’s a reason our planet is filled with so many different companies: autonomy.
d. Small businesses becoming a part of the distant past.
e. Differentiation among companies is a good thing, as it allows specialization in products and for people to make their own distinct choices regarding their daily lives.
V. Although the world of Wall-e is set in 2805, our care-less, waste-driven society might convince you that Pixar’s Wall-e predicted the future.
a. Toxic waste continues to pollute the natural world around us, killing trees and hopes of a greener future.
b. Corporations continue to grow.
c. Futuristic self-driving cars are starting to look a lot less futuristic as Google, Tesla, and several other companies make strides toward a computer-driven automobile.
d. Smart phones grow smarter, attention spans grow weaker.
e. Slowly but surely, Andrew Stanton’s 2008 Pixar film, is becoming a reality.
Olivia Fant
Ms. Caskey
English 101
5 December 2018
Wall-e: Go green
We are living in Pixar’s future. Self-driving cars, humans glued to the screens of their devices, trash everywhere. Debuting at a time when the economy hit its lowest po...

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