War On Drugs- Analyzing The Transnational War On Drugs In The US And Mexico - Chs 245 - Essay

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Esmeralda Melo
Carlos Hernandez, PhD
CHS 245
7 May 2018
The War Between the People and Corruption Instilled in The Drug Business
There has been an ongoing war with the drug trafficking business and the U.S.
government. The drug trafficking business began decades ago and those who have contributed
will remarkably leave us in awe. Drugs have harmed many innocent people, not only those who
have abused the drugs but as well as those who have been forced to participate in the drug
trafficking business. The very own Mexican government has been linked to certain drug
trafficking trades. In 1971, U.S. president Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs due to the
rising levels of drug addiction. Nixon imposed penalties for offenders on the illegal drug use,
distribution and trade. Nixon declared a combat war alongside the Mexican- U.S. border in order
to cease any illegal drug importations. The Nixon administration did not inform the Mexican
government of the U.S. plans due to the fact that the U.S. believed that the Mexican government
was corrupted and also participated in the drug trafficking business. When the war on drugs was
established, it was already a little too late. The plan was articulated to attack and druck imports
on the fronts, meaning the U.S.- Mexican border. Those who were also caught smuggling drugs
received a harsh sentence. Nixon’s plan was to try and cease any smuggling of drugs into the
U.S., however he did not articulate a plan to try and inform those who abused the drugs of the
dangers that drugs are associated with. The demand for drugs in the U.S. increase and the drug
lords created a plan to try and continue generating business into the U.S.
Global drug use was originally intended for medicinal and recreational purposes. Cocaine
could have been used for several medical reasons such as a post surgery pain-killer. It was also
mixed with whine. Between the 1860’s and 1950’s cocaine was seen as a commodity drug. The
producer could have easily distributed a raw drug and not have to manufacture the drug. Before
it was easily accessible to everyone, the wealthy were the only ones who could purchase the
drug. Many individuals may resonate the drug production to Mexico. However, the drug
production can be tracked to the “greater” part of Germany during the nineteenth century.
Germany took the initiative to commence the scientific interest on cocaine production. Due to
the fact that cocaine was adopted during surgery procedure, the mass production of cocaine rose
to 500 kilos annually in 1890, 1500 in 1898 and 2,400 kilos in 1902. In 1884, cocaine was
transformed into a marketable commodity. The prices dropped from a dollar per grain, to about
two cents. This transformation was definitely a turning point for cocaine. As others started to see
the money generated by cocaine they wanted to participate.
After 1860, North America was interested in the cocaine business, they were focused on
medical, cultural and political- economic reasons ...

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