War On Poverty: Head Start Program History Essay

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For many years, Americans have been trying to find a way to end poverty and create a more equal society. Lyndon B. Johnson declared war on poverty in January 1964 during his state of the union address. By August 1964 congress passed the Economic Opportunity Act. In 1965 President Johnson created project Head Start to help break the cycle of poverty and disadvantaged children in order to improve their learning abilities and social situation. Head Start is a comprehensive child development program that has an overall goal to prepare children from low-income families for school. The first year in1966 started as an eight-week summer program with a budget $198 million 561,000 students. By 1967 the program became an all year round program with a budget of $349 million. The government was enjoying a budget surplus from the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, which implemented several social programs to help educate and improve the health and welfare of the underprivileged. Most children in the head start program were age between three and five. Head Start’s program goal is to support children’s growth in the following areas, language and literacy; cognition and general knowledge; physical development and health; social and emotional development; and approaches to learning. Head Start meets educational needs by ensuring that each child is exposed to different learning experiences. Health needs are met due to the program’s emphasis on early detection of medical problems. Each child in Head Start becomes involved in a health program. The health program covers immunizations, medical, dental, and mental services. The children were gaining knowledge but at the same time are placed with peers whom they can build social skills and form relationships with. The program wanted to measure developmental improvements in and outside of the classroom. Such developmental improvements involve the child’s ability to socialize in and outside the classroom. Head Start was offered in every state. All these activities improve lives of children giving them opportunities to develop skill and knowledge required in further study. Children socialize with others that help them become self-confident. Also, these programs help to improve listening and speaking skills, increase vocabulary, help children to know the letters, etc. As the most important these programs involve parents or caregivers in children development and education forcing them become active participants in their development of their children. Head Start is a preschool child development program designed to improve the academic performance in kindergarten and later grades of children from disadvantaged families. The children are given a better chance to succeed in school and life. Therefore, the rate of human learn...


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1894 words - 8 pages War By Nick Van Der Bijl - Book Review". Operationcorporate.com. Web. Diego Laje, CNN. "Gurkha Veterans Recall Falklands War - CNN.Com (Source B)". CNN. Web. JACINTO, LEELA. "Legends Of Gurkha Bravery". ABC News. Web. Keys, Jim. "Page 2 | Five Days On San Carlos Water | Falklands War | British & Irish History | Articles". Thehistoryherald.com. Web. "One Hundred Days (Text Only) (Source C)". Google Books. Web. "Short, Victorious War (Historian

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3240 words - 13 pages and came to be. I also was able to find components in the book regarding information on Germany’s reaction and effect from the treaty which was essential in my essay. Strachan, Hew. ​The First World War: A New Illustrated History​. London: Simon & Schuster, 2003. The First World War is a well written secondary source other than text consisting of illustrations, maps and photos of the first world war. This source is packed with information on the