Was Antigone A Strong Woman Or A Brat??

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In the play "Antigone" by Sophocles, Antigone is the protagonist. As the play’s protagonist, she demonstrates courage and clarity. Throughout the play she shows out to be a extremely strong and determined woman, not only for her time, but for ours too.Traditionally, women at her time were characterized as weak and subordinate, just like Antigone’s sister Ismene. At the beginning of the play Antigone tells Ismene that she is planning to defy Creon’s order and bury Polynices, her brother who died in a battle against Eteocles, ...view middle of the document...

When Sentry brings the news to Creon, that someone disobeyed his order, Creon gets furious and tells Sentry that if he didn’t bring him the man who tried to bury Polynices, he was going to be the one to pay for the crime.When Sentry came back, he brings Antigone with him. “Here is this woman. She is the guilty one” said Sentry. “But this is Antigone! Why have you brought her here?” asked Creon. Sentry explained Creon the whole story, and said that he saw Antigone burying her brother with his own eyes. When Creon asked Antigone if the story Sentry just told was true, she affirmed everything. She showed no sign of regret and stood up to Creon like no women at her time would do. She was a strong woman, capable of making wise decisions. She knew Creon was going to send her to death, but she wasn’t afraid, she said: “It will not be the worst of deaths – death with no honor”.Throughout the play Antigone shows she’s a strong woman with high morals and values. She acts as a free spirit, defiant individual. Antigone was the woman who stoodup to the king in a time in which women had no more rights than slaves did. She might have made some wrong decisions, but even the strongest and wisest man, can be weakand unwise sometimes.


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474 words - 2 pages Since"¦ "EVE" It's a Woman's World, was written by the contemporary Irish woman Eavan Boland. The poem is about how though the ages "women" have remained and have been treated the same.Eavan starts off the poem by saying " Our way of life has hardly changed since a wheel first whetted a knife." I believe Ms. Boland is talking about the female, and how she hasn't changed much since the beginning of time. Then on lines 5

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441 words - 2 pages 24/7 and she was always close if the body had her fingerprints and hair on it she had to be really close to Mrs.Harris at time of death. Ms. Wolston is also guilty because the room where the body was found was untouched. The police evidence states,”The room was not disturbed and there were no signs of forced entry.”(Mulder). This evidence show that Mary is guilty because for it not to be a forced entry it must be someone who knew there way

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662 words - 3 pages the joy that this woman has brought to his life. With the lines "But who would count eternity in days?" and "I measure time by how a body sways," indicates that he cherishs each moment with her. The lines, "She the sickle; I, poor I, the rake," and again, "Coming behind her for pretty sake," indicate that he felt that he was following her lead. She was his teacher, "She taught me to Turn, and Counter-turn, and Stand." The speaker feels as though he

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1568 words - 7 pages Remi Kauderer Honors History Seminar 3/5/18 Rockefeller: The Wrongfully Accused Robber Baron For decades, many have argued whether John D. Rockefeller was a robber baron or simply a captain of industry. Matthew Josephson argues that Rockefeller is a robber baron because he became successful through deception, bribery and illegal manners that enabled him to obtain control over the entire oil business. Ron Chernow, on the other hand, argues that

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818 words - 4 pages argued that it is nurture over nature that shapes a person’s life. An individual might be strong minded from a young age or they may show the traits later in life. In most of these stories, the strong female lead is raising these children without a father. This is where they draw their strength. This is a parent being both mother and father to the child. In some circumstances a story doesn’t inform the audience whether the individual is a tough

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586 words - 3 pages was due to her skin colour and gender. The repetitious use of the rhetorical question "Ain’t I a woman?", draws the listeners minds and makes you look at Truth for more than just her gender and skins colour; it makes you imagine a independent, strong hearted, selfless woman who will fight for as long as it takes and as hard as is humanly possible until she achieves exactly what she set out to achieve which is to be allowed to have access to her

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1491 words - 6 pages him is Brandon who owns this tiny tiny apartment with dishes stacked up to the ceiling and dirty clothes thrown across the floor. His doesn’t like to talk about it but we all know his mum threw him out for smoking pot. Brandon used to be pretty smart but that was before he started on the dope. Now he doesn’t do much. Then there’s Joel with his green Mohawk, and tattoo covered arms. You probably wouldn’t guess it by looking at him but Joel’s a

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632 words - 3 pages Free Breann Barfield GWST 4113 Paper 2 “What is a woman?” Many feminist scholars have theorized about gender and what defines a woman. Views vary from biological standpoints to socially constructed norms, to oppression and more. Irigaray argues that women do not exist and that ‘woman’ is based on unique attributes that separate them from men that should be acknowledged and celebrated. Wittig differs in her claim in that she views the term ‘woman

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1150 words - 5 pages There is a constant dispute amongst the medical and psychological community as to whether alcoholism is, in fact, a disease or just a state of mind. Many of the researcher have classified alcoholism as a disease (Alcoholism as a Disease 1). Dictionary.com has defined "disease" broadly as an "involuntary choice made by the individual" (Dictionary 1). This definition does not comply with alcoholics at all, because they can easily like any other

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1142 words - 5 pages themselves and do what makes them happy because at the end of the day, you can only make yourself happy. In conclusion I agree that a woman should fulfill her life. The work ethic is important but shouldn’t be the most important. You need to have ambition in order to make your life meaningful. No man or woman should do something that is not bringing happiness into their life. Generations will always look back and take back what they think they

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1097 words - 5 pages Thompson 2 Jessica Thompson Ms. Jessica Trull CJ 304 February 26, 2019 Through the Eyes of a Woman For thousands of years women have had to live in a male driven world. Women were always labeled as kind, nurturing, and generous when it comes to others. A woman’s sole responsibility was to stay at home and take care of her husband and family, but over time women have decided to become more independent and self-proficient. In the 20th and 21st

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1261 words - 6 pages distracting from the other important factors. The least important part of the movie was the death of his daughter right at the beginning of the movie. They never said what her name was or even how old she was. She was a character that honestly could’ve been left out because so little was said about her. She died in the car accident right at the beginning of the movie with no explanation. The only thing that could be assumed and said is that her death

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542 words - 3 pages low, but after discussing this with his lieutenants, Thomas Jefferson changed his policies to accept more removals. Then, in 1808, Thomas Jefferson passed the Embargo Act; this act did not allow the United States to import or export. The Embargo Act was not something to be expected from a Republican because it placed more power in the central government, something a Federalist would be more likely to do. Both the Embargo Act and Thomas

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