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Was Antigone A Strong Woman Or A Brat??

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In the play "Antigone" by Sophocles, Antigone is the protagonist. As the play’s protagonist, she demonstrates courage and clarity. Throughout the play she shows out to be a extremely strong and determined woman, not only for her time, but for ours too.Traditionally, women at her time were characterized as weak and subordinate, just like Antigone’s sister Ismene. At the beginning of the play Antigone tells Ismene that she is planning to defy Creon’s order and bury Polynices, her brother who died in a battle against Eteocles, for ...view middle of the document...

When Sentry brings the news to Creon, that someone disobeyed his order, Creon gets furious and tells Sentry that if he didn’t bring him the man who tried to bury Polynices, he was going to be the one to pay for the crime.When Sentry came back, he brings Antigone with him. “Here is this woman. She is the guilty one” said Sentry. “But this is Antigone! Why have you brought her here?” asked Creon. Sentry explained Creon the whole story, and said that he saw Antigone burying her brother with his own eyes. When Creon asked Antigone if the story Sentry just told was true, she affirmed everything. She showed no sign of regret and stood up to Creon like no women at her time would do. She was a strong woman, capable of making wise decisions. She knew Creon was going to send her to death, but she wasn’t afraid, she said: “It will not be the worst of deaths – death with no honor”.Throughout the play Antigone shows she’s a strong woman with high morals and values. She acts as a free spirit, defiant individual. Antigone was the woman who stoodup to the king in a time in which women had no more rights than slaves did. She might have made some wrong decisions, but even the strongest and wisest man, can be weakand unwise sometimes.

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