Was Asked To Describe My Leadership Style While Using Strengths Based Finders Usc Social Work 611 Essay

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The Leadership Discover Plan
DeJuan Garibaldi
University of Southern California
Professor Degarmoe
SOWK 611
Leaderships in comprised of strengths, skills and abilities that stem from life experiences. These strengths, skills and abilities can be identified through the use of various assessment and questionnaires such as the Strength Based Leadership (SBL) online assessment. The Clifton SBL online questionnaire was developed to measure an individual’s talents/strengths and identify areas of his/her greatest potential for continual growth (Rath & Conchi, 2008). After completing the SBL online assessment the following five strengths were identified, Maximizer, Command, Adaptability, Strategic and Ideation (Gallup, 2019).
Strength Based Leadership: Identified Strengths
A Maximizer is exceptionally talented on focusing on the strengths of groups and individuals in order to maintain focus and enjoy making something great into something extraordinary(Gallup, 2019). The Maximizer in me during my work life does enjoy matching individuals with tasks based on their strengths in order to maximize productivity and successful outcomes. Outside of my work roles, I enjoy explaining in detail to my children how anything and everything works as I feel the more knowledge they acquire the stronger leaders they will become. Presence, control and making decisions are key traits to those who garner the Command strength which is defined as a someone who has great presence and can make decisions (Gallup, 2019). Command was definitely a strength I matured into after becoming a father and has helped me with my multiple positions working with children that often need a strong role model with presence. The Adaptability strength refers to those who enjoy going with the flow and discovering life one day at a time (Gallup, 2019).. This strength resonated with me both in my work life and personal life as I enjoy the gift of surprise and knowing each day can bring new challenges. Being Strategic emphasizes the creative process in various scenarios and excels at noticing patterns and issues. Working with adolescents I have to be verbal and able to spontaneously create new ideas and solve problems that can arise at any moment. Again, my children are to praise for my strategic ability as they keep me on my toes with new scenarios and give me creative solutions to life’s situations. Lastly the Ideation strength is a creative one that enjoys ideas and connections between unrelatable actions. I enjoy thinking outside the box both during work and at home, as I am easily bored with repetition and routine.
Leadership Orientation
Upon completing the Leadership Orientation Scoring assessment that focuses on four different conceptions of organization I scored a 19 Symbolic, 17 Human Resource, 14 Political, and 10 Structural. A symbolic leader finds it important to provide inspiration and vision by using charisma and fair...


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