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Washington D.C. National Cathedral Essay

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Victoria ArosemenaARTH 105-001Professor Joanne AllenPaper #1September 25, 2014Washington National CathedralWashington National Cathedral, which is the sixth largest cathedral in the world, is a good illustration of Neo Gothic art. The building design incorporated elements of the gothic style from different parts of the world. In the Gothic period, the architects constructed high buildings in order to worship God. Perhaps, that is the reason why the National Cathedral is one of the highest buildings in Washington.The exterior of the cross-shaped Cathedral is constructed with Indiana limestone, but materials like steel and concrete where used to support the structure. The cathedral used Gothic ...view middle of the document...

Washington National Cathedral ground plan is like the ones of the gothic period. The main entry is located in the central axis, and leads you to the nave, which has a north and south aisles on each side. The transept, which intersects the nave, provides alternatives entrances (north and south) to the Cathedral. The north transept contains a rose window, called The Final Judgment, and the south transept contains a rose window, called The Church Triumphant. The war memorial chapel is located in the south transept aisle, and St. Mary's chapel is situated on the north choir aisle. The high altar is found on the east side of the building, and is elaborated detailed stone carved designs of biblical passages.The main arcades of the National Cathedral contain the base, the piers and the capitals, which gave the interior design an elaborated Gothic look. The arcade arches on the top of the building gives a sensation of expansion, and therefore people might think that the cathedral is higher than what it is. The colonette, which is a thin column that begins at the floor level, also helps to trick the visitor's eye.The triforium, which is an aisle that offers access to different parts of the building, is located on the top of the sprandels. However, railings have been installed on the borders, to make it safer for visitors. The clearstorey is positioned on the top of the triforium.The Cathedral is decorated with 231 colorful stained glass windows, which are another essential element of the Gothic period. A famous window is the Space Window, which depicts the first man who arrived the moon, and therefore it includes a piece of lunar rock. However, there are many other beautiful stained glass windows such as Saint...

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