Watched Shows About A Show Called Shark Tank And Gave It Our Opinion On The Product Intro To Business Assigment

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Shark Tank
Shark Tank is a television show where entrepreneurs introduce their products to receive
investments and expand their businesses. I watched 5 episodes were there was different
creations/inventions with different motives. Most of these were all great ideas but one wasn't. I
will discuss the inventions and explain why I think they were successful and my opinions on the
The first one I watched was by two young guys, Patt and Matt and their companies name
was Grinds. Grinds sells “Grinds Coffee Pouches” which are pouches that are filled with freshly
ground coffee that are flavored and supplemented with B vitamins and other nutrients that
provide a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco. Some questions that the panel asked them
were “how long will the pouches to last?”. They also asked “how did you guys get into this?” and
“what are you gonna sell it to distribution for?”. I think the panel wanted to know this to know
their motives for the company and if they were really committed to it. They may also have
wanted to know how long the pouches would last to see if they were worth it. In the end the
panel did end up purchasing the product. I think this product was actually very good idea and a
company that looks like it would be successful because Patt and Matt look dedicated and
committed to it.
Another invention was Drop Stop by Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon. This is a safety
device use to block the “dangerous gap” between the car seat and center console. Some
questions asked were “what is your mode of selling?” and “where are you selling this?”. These
were important to ask because they may have wanted to know if they had plans on their
business and were prepared. Truly I think this product is alright, it's an original idea but I
personally wouldn't need it or purchase...

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