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Phi Nguyen
Professor Shumate
English 124
Prompt #7
03 November 2018
Ozymandias: The Dilemma of Virtuous Judgement.
In the remarkable novel “​Watchmen​” by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons,
the storyline tells the reader a timeline in the concept of history that takes on different turns
of the superhero forces. It exposes how certain superheroes fight crime but behind the elegant
act as such, it shows some of them are actually vigilantes, who punish criminals and adjust
justice by unofficial ways. It shows that there are other ways of how the audiences should
look at superhero in a different perspective. Not all superheroes are fighting the bad guys by
capturing them and send them to rot in prison. It shows the different wave of heroes that
handle justice in the world in their own ways. Ozymandias is one of the superheroes from
Watchmen that has different sense of justice, his way is extremely immoral, but logically
Ozymandias is a person with narcissistic characteristic. Saving the world from his
perspective is beyond an accomplishment, a mark with his legacy on the world than just
helping people. There is no doubt about Ozymandias is the smartest superhero in the world,
simply the best fit for being a leader of the Watchmen, yet his definition of justice is
conservative and not in a positive way for the of legacy, not to mention evil. His aphorism of
justice is “the needs of the many outway the needs of the few”. This typical
acknowledgement does have logical explanation and convenient in the long run, but to
achieve it is another matter of sacrifices. Ozymandias has a plan to unite humanity after all of
the crisis and riot from civilians to the government but the moral of the tactic requires
executive sharp decision. His method to achieve justice is unorthodox, by committing
immoral actions to achieve greater goods. Despite the fact that he is the smartest man on
Earth, but what is being so smart when the dignity is so cruel. Saving the world has been one
of his agendas, and in the ambiguous world of Watchmen, his success means to destroy as
many lives as he can, just to have a positive remainders. However, the justice of nature does
not allow his plan to work completely. Guilty of wickedness and of many crimes, not that he
he does not have many heroic qualities, just because he’s the smartest man on the planet with
super strength, it does not ignore the notion of the alternatives to his actions. By the
superhero name “Ozymandias”, a Greek name from ancient Egyptian Pharaoh King Ramses
II, means King of all Kings, it’s clearly Ozymandias wants to rule the world.
Ozymandias’s plan to unite society by sacrificing his own Watchmen’s member
speaks high volume of how he handles certain situations with no hesitation, for the beneficial
outcomes but lack of morality. He often likes to think ahead of everybody and take logical
debates on possibilities about failures and collateral damages. Taking out the mas...

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