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Poland Spring Nature

Poland Spring Nature

Creative Work Plan

Natalie Dumanian (Advertising)

Key Facts about the brand:
Poland Spring is a very successful brand. It has been around since 1845. The company has become so well known from word of mouth and its large availability in many stores, restaurants, and vending machines to name a few. Since 1845 they have enlarged their line with larger and smaller sized bottles and have also created a sparkling flavored water line. Poland Spring has a very large target market. Globally they are targeted to the urban northeast. It is targeted to men, women, and children. Some of their products are even targeted to specific people. ...view middle of the document...

Identify your teams "big idea" "central theme" for the creative:
The "big idea" is to win back Poland Spring's lost target audience of students 16-25 years old. This will be done telling the consumer there are benefits to this product specifically for the target market. It isn't simply water. Water could be targeted to anyone even if their advertisements said they were targeted to teenagers. The vitamins in the water show the target audience that we do understand that this is what they need.

Who is the creative targeted to? Define who your target market is?
The creative is targeted to young adults like college students and older teenagers like high school students. Specifically it is for men and women 16-25 years old. Teenagers and college students always think that they know what's best for them. They are older and believe that they, instead of their parents, know what's best for them. These people are busy and tired students. They have a weak immune system from constantly loosing sleep and now eating the right foods to get their vitamins. So, to boost their immune system they can just drink a bottle of Poland Spring Nature.

What is the key promise of your creative?
The key promise of the creative is to boost the consumer's immune system with vitamins. The vitamins in Nature are vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, sodium, and potassium. Nature is not flavored. It is just simply water with added vitamins. It is not flavored because the consumer already has a weak immune system and does not need extra chemicals in their body used to flavor the water.

Explain your creative strategy and creative tactics for your area of responsibility only for the team project - advertising, sales promotion, public relations or direct marketing.
There will be two advertisements for Poland Spring Nature. One will be a magazine ad and the other will be a TV ad. The magazine ad will have less information on it and it's purpose will be mostly to spark interest and curiosity. The ad will be humorous and simple. These customer are already tired and do not need something complicated to look at and understand. The ad will have an image of a student sleeping and drooling at their desk while a class is in session. The copy will read, "Have you had your Nature today?" This ad can also appear on bus stops and buses near schools. The television advertisement will be shown during teenage and college shows. It will air on the CW11 and will air every night between 8-10 o'clock at night during commercial breaks. The commercial will be celebrity ads. The celebrity endorsing the ad will depend on which show is airing at that time. For example, Gossip Girl airs on the CW11 on Wednesday's at 9 o'clock. Blake Lively and Penn Bradgley play two high school students in Gossip Girl. During commercial break they will hold the product and say how Nature helps them during th...


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2378 words - 10 pages Free Poland Spring Nature Poland Spring Nature Creative Work Plan Natalie Dumanian (Advertising) Key Facts about the brand: Poland Spring is a very successful brand. It has been around since 1845. The company has become so well known from word of mouth and its large availability in many stores, restaurants, and vending machines to name a few. Since 1845 they have enlarged their line with larger and smaller sized bottles and have also