Water Cycle And How Water Flows - Year 8 - Humanities Diagram

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Year 9 Humanities Assessment #1
Create Your Own Business Part 1
This is the first part of a 3-part assessment task which will equal your entire mark for the term. You may work independently or in a pair. No groups of 3+ will be permitted.
For this assessment you will be required to develop and construct a business plan for a new business of your own. In your submission, you must include the following:
· An original idea.
· A detailed discussion of what your product is and why it is unique in the market.
· Why people would buy your product over other similar products.
· How you intend to sell your idea – online, small store, etc.
· What forms of advertising you intend to use.
· Your company name and logo and why you decided to use this particular company name and logo.
· How many employees you intend on hiring and for what purpose.
· Who your target audience is.
· How you intend to raise money to start your business.
· Will your business be sole-owned, a partnership, or a corporation and why.
Your business plan should be at least 500 words.
This first section is worth 30% of your overall term grade. This paper must be handed in along with your assignment.
Due by Friday May 5, week 3.
Assessment #1 Rubric
Very High
Original Idea discussion
No originality. Your product will be lost amongst others.
Idea is somewhat original, and has at least one unique aspect.
Idea is original, and will differentiate itself from similar products.
Idea is very original and unique. There are no, or few, similar competitors.
Company Name and Logo discussion
Company name is unoriginal, as is the logo. You’ve put your names together.
Company name and logo show some elements of originality.
Company name and logo are original and creative.
Company name and logo is original and creative, showing a clear plan and effort.
Money-raising discussion
No discussion as to how you will raise money for your business.
Money-raising idea is nonsensical (i.e. I will borrow from Mum).
Money-raising ideas show some thought and pretense to reality.
Money-raising idea is clearly thought-out with a well-structured plan.
Ownership discussion
No discussion as to your style of ownership.
Ownership is discussed but is not realistic.
Ownership is discussed and shows some elements of realism and thought.
Ownership has been clearly planned and makes sense with your business model.
Advertising discussion
No thought put in to how your product will be advertised.
Some generic advertising ideas discussed.
Advertising is discussed and shows some originality.
Advertising is original, unique and will clearly help your product stand out.
Overall Writing of submission
Writing is poor, lacking paragraphs, proper spelling and grammar.
Writing is properly constructed but contains many errors in spelling and grammar.
Writing is well-constructed with only few errors.
Writing is well-constructed with no errors in spelling and grammar.
Assessment #2 Create Y...

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