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This world needs the good environment. People should protect our homestead. Society is focus on pollution in river all over the world. As we know water is spring of life. We can't live without it, and water in river is more important for human's daily life. It is a big problem. It is the major factories and industries that are causing the problem. We should find some good ways to prevention and mitigation. Let us to join protect action, in order to ourselves.Water pollution is a serious problem threatening the survival of human beings, plants and animals. It is urgent that some strong measures be adopted to deal with the problem. Most of them produce by the cities and towns. With ...view middle of the document...

And also have refuse floating on the surface.There are three kinds of style to control the pollution. They are Biological, Chemical, and Physical. But first, we should develop effective objectives and plans to control the source of pollution. And advise on planning controls and management practices with minimise the generation of pollutants and groundwater. Prepare policies and guideline covering activities aimed to prevent pollution. Ensure the adoption of land use practise designed to minimise soil erosion land degradation and runoff.We should use some Modern technology to protect the river.Professional designed a water circle in the river. But there are some conditions in their design. The city and countryside build on upriver, and the factories downriver. Construct the system build on downriver, it use inhalers to breathe in water and purity the water discharge into upriver. If this happened then, the river can to form a circle system. This water circle can clean up the mess and keep the water in river always clean.The government must establish ripe legal system to protect it ,command every factory to build sewage farm to clear the pollu...


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2187 words - 9 pages The Current State of Water Pollution One of the most differentiating factors of the planet Earth is the abundant presence of water. The Earth is almost 75% water. The substantial amount of water on the planet allows the vast and diverse biotic population to thrive. Without water, none of the life on the planet would be living, Earth would look less green and blue, and more dry like Venus or Mars. However, one of the most prominent environmental

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1780 words - 8 pages Free Water Pollution When the water in our rivers, lakes, and oceans becomes polluted it can endanger wildlife, make our drinking water unsafe, and threaten the waters where we swim and fish. Some people believe that the pollution of our lakes and rivers is not a problem right now and is a problem for the future that modern technology will be able to fix, wrong. According to P. K. Goel author of the book Water Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control

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707 words - 3 pages activities of human and that cause usually dissipate energy. In addition, the pollution causing damage to the functions of the class dynamic that surround the earth. We can express the pollution damage in four points. First, the damage in agricultural crops, plants, water, soil and animals. Second, the damage to the human health through pollution of air, soil and food with chemicals and other radioactive. Third, the damage to the aesthetic aspects of

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434 words - 2 pages the past decade which highlights the domino effect. The once-ler believes it won’t hurt to cut down a few trees but this leads to a downward spiral of obsession with building up his business. He later starts using creative machines which cut down multiple machines at a time. The air quality decreased and many animals had to migrate. Water pollutants One type of pollution we find evidence of is water pollution. "You're glumping the pond where the

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547 words - 3 pages agricultural practices, global starvation rates would skyrocket, and life as we know it would be threatened. Global warming has severe impacts on the animals that we raise for meat and dairy, along with the crops we grow to feed ourselves and our animals. Water pollution-. Soil detrigation-. As earth’s temperatures continue to become more extreme due to global warming (extremely hot summers and cold winters), our agricultural practices are endangered

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1481 words - 6 pages quite farmlands of the Midwest, America has come to realize the need to relate and protect the environment from industrial and agricultural pollution, thus the EPA was formed.The protection of ?human health and the environment? is the simple yet powerful mission of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. The EPA was established in 1970 after a national cry for safer and cleaner air, water, and land in America. This agency was part of the new

Air Pollution

1514 words - 7 pages emitted by a large volcanic eruption." "When inhaled, air pollutants affect the respiratory tract and lungs, but may also travel through the bloodstream and distress vital organs. By depositing themselves in the environment, these chemicals may also contaminate food and water" (Pollution). "All ages of humans are affected, and current scientific research shows a connection between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and particulate air pollution. Adults and

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1974 words - 8 pages ). Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World Volume 2: Remediation of Air and Water Pollution (Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World). 9. Phẁm Tân Hớu, & Nguyen Tri Minh. (2015). Solution to Reduce Air Environmental Pollution from Ships. TransNav: International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, 9(2), 257-261. 10. Technology profile: Cost-effective air pollution solutions. (2008). Pollution Engineering, 40

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751 words - 4 pages of gallons of water, clawing out pits for their hazardous waste and slashing the ground for sprawling road networks. Every well carries with it the potential for serious environmental degradation.” Similarity, trees also have a big impact on air quality, human health or animal’s survival. However, forest fire is one of the most common problems of the environment these days and it’s another major cause of the air pollution. For example, trees are

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455 words - 2 pages In Prehistory the discovery of fire first started pollution. The burning of natural and manmade materials is killing our planet, we should find an unlimited and non-pollutant resource to fuel our cars and heat our homes. Hydrogen is a good alternative to gasoline because it is non-pollutant and a bountiful resource. The polluting of the oceans are killing fish and mammals alike, when the seaweed is exposed to the oil it immediately absorbs it

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1574 words - 7 pages money to prevent air pollution, but as one can see it may cost more to repair the damages from air pollution.WORKS CITEDDinanike, George. 'Sunset in the Comfort of a Laboratory.' New Scientist 19 October 1991: 31.Hamer, Mick. 'Pollution Leaves a Cloud over Life in the City.' New Scientist 13 May 1989: 45.Hodges, Laurent. Environmental Pollution Second Edition. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1977.Sittig, Marshall. How to Remove Pollutants and Toxic Materials from Air and Water. Parkridge, New Jersey: Noyes Data Corporation, 1977.World Wide Web Site.URL: 'Greenpeace.' November 2,1994.

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929 words - 4 pages seals and sea lions that become entangled in plastic bags or plastic packing bands leading to injury and death. 3. Seabirds , plastic pollution leads to the deaths of millions of marine bird species each year. Arguably more so than other birds, the laysan albatross has been deeply impacted by plastic debris through their hunting techniques. 4. Fish, along with pretty much any marine mammal that brings in water through its gills, are increasingly

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584 words - 3 pages calculations of biological testing, we were able to determine that the river was indeed healthy. For the biological testing, there were many Class 1 macroinvertebrates, which is expected in any river. However, there was not an abundance of Class 2 which have medial tolerance to pollution. Despite the lack of Class 2 macroinvertebrates, the high water quality of the river was confirmed when there were multiple Class 3 macroinvertebrates, which are

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1411 words - 6 pages Free Baines 1 Hannah BainesImagery: The author uses imagery to emphasize the idea that pollution is killing off wildlife in an intense and painful manner. This further intrigues the audience and convinces a sense of empathy towards the many species of the world. Mrs.Hornik 11 AP Period 5 11/26/18 Current Event Week 6 Global IssueDiction: The audience is swayed by the words “agony” and “bleeding profusely”, causing them to once again feel terrible for

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673 words - 3 pages plastic contain may contaminate our food that we consume and the food that we give our children’s. another problem regarding health is when plastic is burned which leads to air pollution. According to the website TIME the author estates “Air pollution was linked to 6.5 million deaths in 2015, water pollution was linked to 1.8 million deaths and workplace pollution was linked to nearly one million deaths” millions of people are dying due to the