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Water Pollution Essay

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This world needs the good environment. People should protect our homestead. Society is focus on pollution in river all over the world. As we know water is spring of life. We can't live without it, and water in river is more important for human's daily life. It is a big problem. It is the major factories and industries that are causing the problem. We should find some good ways to prevention and mitigation. Let us to join protect action, in order to ourselves.Water pollution is a serious problem threatening the survival of human beings, plants and animals. It is urgent that some strong measures be adopted to deal with the problem. Most of them produce by the cities and towns. With the ...view middle of the document...

And also have refuse floating on the surface.There are three kinds of style to control the pollution. They are Biological, Chemical, and Physical. But first, we should develop effective objectives and plans to control the source of pollution. And advise on planning controls and management practices with minimise the generation of pollutants and groundwater. Prepare policies and guideline covering activities aimed to prevent pollution. Ensure the adoption of land use practise designed to minimise soil erosion land degradation and runoff.We should use some Modern technology to protect the river.Professional designed a water circle in the river. But there are some conditions in their design. The city and countryside build on upriver, and the factories downriver. Construct the system build on downriver, it use inhalers to breathe in water and purity the water discharge into upriver. If this happened then, the river can to form a circle system. This water circle can clean up the mess and keep the water in river always clean.The government must establish ripe legal system to protect it ,command every factory to build sewage farm to clear the polluted...

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