"We Can Usually Learn Much More From People Whose Views We Share Than From People Whose Views Contradict Our Own; Disagreement Can Cause Stress And Inhibit Learning."

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The edifices of thought are built not solely on the millions of facts we have inside our head but also on the ideas and knowledge of other people. The thinking process progresses not merely by absorbing facts and pondering over them. It also involves being exposed to the thoughts of others and trying to find a rationale in their views.While sharing ideas with those who have similar opinions can be immensely satisfying, much can be learned by exposure to divergent views. Differences in thought often lead to new ways of interpretation of facts, experimentation and innovation.Throughout history, great men have achieved their greatness through individuality and originality of thought. For instance, ancient science believed that the Universe was based on certain axioms - the Earth is the center of the Universe and the planets move around it in circles. Copernicus first suggested that one of the most fundamental axioms of the last 3500 years was mistaken: the Sun, not the Earth, was the center of the Universe. Later, Brahe brought forth the theory that the planets move in elliptical orbits. Galileo shattered another of the axioms of ancient Greek physics that a given weight of some heavy mater...


what can we learn about social cohesion from the presence of discrimination? - BICC - discrimination

1025 words - 5 pages : What can we learn about social cohesion from the presence of discrimination ? In the year of 2015, a video that attract people’s attention immediately on the Internet about an Australian man who was discriminating against Chinese workers[footnoteRef:1]. As a Chinese, I dislike these people is indubitable who are discriminatory and have a sense of superiority, for example, in Fiftieth Century, most of black people were slaves, this history directly

The only people we can feel sorry for in Medea are the children. Everyone else gets what they deserve

581 words - 3 pages Free uncontrollably driven by her fury and passion. As a foreign princess, a wife, a mother and a woman, the humiliation and pain that had been bought upon her is all too overwhelming. 'She will not eat; she lies collapsed in agony, dissolving the long hours in tears.' The pain and suffering that Medea experienced deserve the audience's sympathy.Another source of sympathy that we should feel for Medea comes from her role as a mother. As she decides to kill her own

American Identity --- talking about the ways American people can find their own national identity - English - essay

457 words - 2 pages establish more government-run organizations to help immigrants with their English since being proficient in a language is one of the best ways to assimilate into a new culture. Additionally, the government should set up funds for new immigrants who have financial difficulties as this will help them feel more confident and hopeful about their future. A hopeful people will foster community more than a people weighed down by financial worries.   The third

stranger identities of people that have completely different identities from my own - Linn benton HDFS107 - Assignment

678 words - 3 pages Free of respect for the decision he has made. Despite all the negatives this teen has had to face on a daily basis, he has accepted who he is and no longer has to live a lie which that in itself is a huge success. My second stranger is someone whose traditional religion is Judaism, has moved to this country and is living in the amongst the elder population. Growing up in my house, there was no religion present and we didn’t have any family traditions

Seeing Compassion: How we can see emotions - Writing 1 - Assignment

1784 words - 8 pages ” (Dillard 17). Many things are not comprehendible, and that is absolutely acceptable because “when too much light falls on everything, a special terror results” (Dillard 16). Not everything is meant to be seen or understood. For example, “there is another kind of seeing that involves letting go” (Dillard 22). If we could see everything, we would harm ourselves more than we would benefit ourselves. Instead, we lead to questioning with our creative

Can we conquer the fear of death? - First degree - Essay

1789 words - 8 pages good of life lies in having different experiences, doing different things, undergoing different states and conditions. Even though death may be natural, our understanding of our own experiences doesn’t include an idea of natural limit; so we should always wish for more of the good of life, and death keeps us from acquiring that. Undoubtedly, Nagel’s theory has a lot of appeal to it. I respond to his view in two ways. Firstly, Nagel asserts that the

Can men and women share equal rights or is a new inequality just formed - Class - Essay

2180 words - 9 pages in the work field and they want to be with the children more. It does not mean men and women should change their role completely but it will benefit both parties by reducing their stress and sharing their responsibilities based on each other's capability that can bring the most benefit to the family. Many children are closer to their mother rather than their father in the past. However, research showed that father children relationship can be

How big is alcohol abuse in the college world and what can we do to change that - composition - Essay

929 words - 4 pages they don’t want to be left out of the group. We will be talking about how we can make the numbers decrease even more in our youth. Alcohol drinking can cause many deaths, assaults and sexual assaults. According to an article on ABC news in 1998 the death toll of alcohol related death was 1440 and in 2005 it increased to 1825. 69600 students have reported that they have been assaulted by another student, and 97000 students have reported that they

Sex Education: A Conversation We Can No Longer Avoid - Marist College/Writing for College - Essay

1682 words - 7 pages more likely to have unplanned pregnancies, and 91% more likely to experience bullying and abuse[footnoteRef:13]. The non-comprehensive models of sex education prohibit these students from learning about the different contraceptives, birth control, and STI testing. If the programs are not LGBTQ-inclusive, then these students are not going to feel comfortable or supported enough to reach out in order to learn the information they need to know in

are we destroying our environment - WR121 - essay

751 words - 4 pages trees is the necessary thing that we have to do in order to have a clean and fresh environment. Transportation plays a very important role in America today and automobile is the most common transport for American people. Cars have been the easiest, fastest transportation over the years; people can go anywhere on land with a car, but there are some disadvantages of it. Automobiles are the main cause of air pollution because when a car’s engine is

We the people of the United States of America - CMIT - essay

527 words - 3 pages “We the People, Greater than Fear” In the artwork we the people, are greater than fear, Shepard Fairey builds the argument that the people are greater and powerful than fear itself, while being united. He uses textual evidence, reasoning/facts, and emotion to strengthen and have a good persuasiveness for his argument. He did a good job with explaining his point across and towards his audience at the time. To support his argument, and understand

What can a person do to defend the human rights of all people - English 10 - Esaay

480 words - 2 pages Daniela Meza 1st Period Ms.Gamez What can a person do to defend the human rights of all people Didn't we born to be free? As humans we have the right to be born free as Delano Roosevelt said ” Where, after all, do universal rights begin? In small places, close to home(...) unless these rights have meaning there, they have aa little meaning anywhere” Roosevelt meant that all rights are important for people and he declare that not just Americans

Is america a place where people can reivent themselves - english - essay

471 words - 2 pages Free something described more like a second chance at life. Although before moving to America, one would need to know their strength and weaknesses and know who they are as a person and what they really want. America is a place where people can reinvent themselves because of all the jobs, education, and rights you can have an American citizen. America has earned the nickname “Land of Opportunities” because of its ability to change a person’s life for the

We cannot depend on mankind to put an end to war for us. We can put an end to war ourselves - Leichhardt Campus Year 10 - Persuasive Speech

797 words - 4 pages , Adani, failed energy bills. Hasn't mankind has failed us? Can we trust our leaders to end our war with the environment?(x) The knowledge we've attained from our geography is power. We as the people have the ability to invest in our failures and profit with success. The profit of success when we save paper that saves trees, that save forests that saves life. The profit of success when we speak out for animal rights shows that we have the courage

Why Might Women Be Somewhat More Likely To Have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Than Men?

589 words - 3 pages her husband creates an additional stressor.Because women are, in general, less physically strong than men they are more likely to be victimized. The real or implied threat of death or great physical harm creates the conditions for both acute and post-traumatic stress disorder. For most of human history, the law has also failed to protect women from exploitation and abuse. Continued victimization after the initial trauma further reinforces the propensity for PTSD. The unfortunate fact that women are more likely to be victimized is the reason that women are more likely to suffer from PTSD following the traumatic event.