We Cannot Depend On Mankind To Put An End To War For Us. We Can Put An End To War Ourselves Leichhardt Campus Year 10 Persuasive Speech

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We cannot depend on mankind to put an end to war for us. We can put an end war ourselves.
Do you think mankind can put an end to war? Do you think war is guns and bombs? The concept of war has been challenged by people nowadays. It doesn't have to WW1 or WW2 or WW3. War can be any form of social conflict (x). Issues such as gender inequality, racism and the exploitation of our natural environment are considered to be war. For so long mankind has struggled to deal with these issues because we see no big change on the news, and now it is our turn to be that change.(x) But how can we really put an end to war when we are dominated by our government and the rest of mankind?. Oprah Winfrey once said in times of weakness, turn your wounds into wisdom. Words of wisdom. Lets us learn how we can use the power of words for change and how to heal the world.(x)
Do you think the war of racism from the 19th century ever ended? According to a 2016 poll conducted by SBS news on which race does Australia think its better off with?, the poll showed very negative numbers. Look at this numbers, mankind has not ceased racism. Racism is war that turns the racial unity in our nation to dust and that is what makes it war. (x) The unity in our country, does not depend upon our leaders keeping the peace, they depend us to become the change. We cannot wait for our leaders to do something said, Mother Theresa. We must be the change said, Barack Obama. We must be the change, we want to see, said Gandhi. We must the beacon of the hope to end war (x). The beacon that uses words to elevate a culture of acceptance into our education system, a culture of freedom into our Australian Dream of comfort and a culture of diversity into our nation . This is the path that we must follow, we can't trust mankind to end racism, we can end racism ourselves.(x)
Have you ever heard of the glass ceiling? It's the invisible barrier that prevents women from securing leadership roles in society and is the force of gender inequality. This could include administration, business or politics. It's still a bleak reality for Australian women when only 33% are involved in polit...


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2001 words - 9 pages . So how do we put an end to this? The sad fact of the matter is that, during this time, we won’t. Humans were born differently, and it’s only human to retaliate negatively to things or people who are different. For example, animals selectively preserve their own kind even at the cost of a different animal type, which in essence what caused racism and prejudice. As mankind progresses, our mindset becomes Cervantes 7 dramatically more complex, and