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ASSIGNMENT 1To establish an e-commerce site, there are many requirements need to be fulfilled. The main areas need to be considered will be:Human resources and organizational capabilitiesHardwareSoftwareTelecommunicationsSite designWEB SITE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLEFigure 4.2, page 203Prior to building a website, the two most important management challenges are:-Developing a clear understanding of business objectivesKnowing how to choose the right technology to achieve these objectivesThe components of a web server includes:HardwareSoftwarePHYSICAL DESIGN FOR A SIMPLE WEB SITEFigure 4.3 (b), page 206WEB SERVER HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS MUST CONSIDER TE FOLLOWINGSizePurpose of the siteTraffic on the si ...view middle of the document...

Requirements include:Reliable serversBackup servers for high availablityEfficient and easily upgraded softwareSecurity softwareDatabase connectivityB2B sites also require certificate servers to issue and analyze electronic authentication information.WHAT IS WEB HOSTING?Web hosts are Internet Service Providers (ISP) who also allow access to:-E commerce software-Storage space-E commerce expertiseThere are 2 choices to choose from:-Managed hosting: the service provider manages the operation and oversight of all servers and oversight of all serversUnmanaged hosting: the customer must maintain and oversee all serversCHOICES OF BUILDING AND HOSTINGService providers usually provide the following:Access to hardware, software and personnelDomain name, IP addressDisk StorageTemplate pages to use for designing the siteE-mail serviceUse of FTP to upload and download informationShopping cart softwareMultimedia extensions (sound, animation, movies)Secure credit card processingThere are three levels of packages where our group choose the basic package. The service offered are:4'';''ESpace for the storeForms-based shoppingHowever, the web host makes money from advertising banners placed on the site. Each business has some control over which banners are placed on its site.


Lab 1 of Aligning an IT Security Assessment - CBU Security Compliance - Lab

1112 words - 5 pages Juan Carlos Dr. Marshall Security Compliance 1/21/19 Lab 4: Aligning an IT Security Assessment Vulnerability Life Cycle · Death is the culmination of this vulnerability cycle. When the number of systems vulnerable to an exploit is reduced to an insignificant amount then this stage occurs. It can happen by patching vulnerable systems, retiring old systems, or lack of interest in the exploit by hackers. Types of Disclosure · The types of

The problems with online courses and the elimination of the traditional educational system - JCTC/ENG 102 - Essay

1080 words - 5 pages lectures and taking detailed notes just to take ten questions. The girl knows she can easily find the answers to her quizzes online, but she wants to do it herself. She then moves on to the next unit, forgetting what she learned just moments before -the cycle continues. As the school year progresses her workload increases, and with it, her stress levels increase as well. She eventually masters the online program, memorizes all of the “relevant

Paper On Domestic Violence/Abuse Awareness

1161 words - 5 pages abuse.Stages of AbuseDomestic violence has different stages of abuse, which is also known as the cycle of abuse. There are three main stages in which the abuser attitude varies with time and intensity. The three stages are tension building, incident, and relief.In the first stage, tension increases as some kind of physical assault may occur. The victims in these cases have experienced small incidents of abuse but nothing serious as to where they're in

Social Media makes us even more lonely - CHIJ - Research Paper

983 words - 4 pages 【 ELCT Year 3 / 2017 Research Paper 】 「 Q2) Social media makes us even more lonely. 」 Social media is an online platforms via websites or applications that allow people from different locations at any time to create, share, or view content as well as to participate in ‘social networking’. Several social media platforms are Instagram, facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, and even text messages. Social Media has both pros and cons

Digital Divide and Digital Inclusion - Script Digital - Essay

879 words - 4 pages parent’s mobile device that relies on a monthly data plan. 2. Be proactive in creating lessons and assignments thoughtfully. Think carefully before assigning online research, a lab simulation, or writing assignments that need to be done at home on a desktop or laptop. Some websites are not mobile friendly and that’s assuming that there’s actually mobile access at home. 3. Put extra efforts towards pushing digital literacy. Do not expect students

Essay On Ikea.Com (Overview On The Company)

7745 words - 31 pages problems seem to be surpassed, the way IKEA saves the data from its customers is not very explicit, causing therefore some mistrust from the point of view of these;Websites are functional, with a lot of options available for the consumers. Nevertheless, some extras could be added in order to enhance the potentialities of IKEA's web presence;Regarding the value chain we have seen that there is an IKEA Concept that guides the entire cycle of how the

Strategic Management Report For TC Company

7137 words - 29 pages goal. Moreover, through SWOT analysis as well as TOWS application, relevant strategies are developed for TC (refer to section 8.2). Further, the implementation of strategies is recommended in section 9.Table of ContentsExecutive Summary1. Introduction2. An Overview of TC3. TC's Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives4. The stage of life cycle of China's online gaming industry5. PEST Analysis5.1 Political Factors5.2 Economic Factors5.3 Socio-cultural

The Economics of the Clothing Industry - Microeconomics - Essay

2360 words - 10 pages more use this idea of exclusivity to create a high market value and demand for their clothing. These companies would only release a limited number of a certain article of clothing and the idea is that once its gone, its gone. The only way to get it after that is through second hand resellers and online websites and apps were you go to buy and sell these items. This is why there is such a high demand and market value for these items. A prime

To what extent is Joseph Stalin and his ideologies the cause of the Ukrainian Genocide - International Academy East World History 11 - History Essay

2473 words - 10 pages policy of collectivization and legal legislation upon his constituents support the argument that Stalin is to blame for the man-made famine. Collectivization created the economic situation and turmoil for the Ukrainians. Even when it was clear that Ukraine could not achieve the benchmarks, Stalin’s policy of protecting socialist property became a guise to punish the failures. It was this cycle of economic blackmail and systematic punishment that

The Major Differences Along The Supply Chain Between The Business To Business And The Business To Consumer Marketing

3523 words - 15 pages attempt to talk with these customers at the same time. (Hart 1998 and Wright 2004)4.4.3. The different methods usedAbove the line communicationsIn B2B, the main media used is the print through the newspapers (broadsheets), specialised magazines, journals and directories as well as their complementary websites because of its advantages: the accurate targeting, the figures available, the longevity etc. TV advertising, only during the specialised


3678 words - 15 pages products life-cycle to be utterly transparent about environmental practices and be entirely liable. Plan A is the response that Marks and Spencer has embraced. The plan is used as a backbone to how the company is managed and supported the company to stay ahead of the curve by sourcing responsibly and to reduce waste backing stakeholders' communities. 4.0 PORTERS' FIVE FORCE ANALYSIS Michael Porter's develop the model in the 80' to define the

E-Business Assignment

4873 words - 20 pages other key is improving their supply chain process to shorten the delivery cycle from the time a customer places an order to the time the vehicle is actually delivered to the dealer and the owner takes possession.We should then discuss these two companies form the point of ¡®customer interface¡¯ of their website.As we already knew that there are about 7 design elements which we also called ¡®7Cs¡¯ to the

Levels Of Planning

1770 words - 8 pages Planning and organizing in respect to Wells Fargo is essential to the success of the company. The vision of Wells Fargo Bank is to move to the next stage going from "good to great," ( The organization has constantly reinvented itself through the years by creating new departments, products, services and new positions. The changes that have been made to the organization have been instrumental in the success of the company. Planning

Sun Life Case

7990 words - 32 pages Table of contents1: Summary 22: Main Contents of the report 3-202.1: Introduction 32.2: Problem and the followed procedure 42.3: Sun Life Financial from strategic managerial viewpoints 42.3.1: Sun Life Financial's strategic logic 62.3.2: SWOT analysis 102.3.3: PEST analysis 132.3.4: The attractiveness of the Chinese insurance market 172.3.5: Strategies and city choice 183: Results, conclusions and recommendations 224: Bibliography 231

This essay explains why it might be hard for parents to bring up children in the Christian faith

512 words - 3 pages In order to answer this question we must firstly look at what is done at the birth of the child. If they are baptised as a baby, they clearly include no opinion in the situation. If this child doesn't believe in this faith there will be obvious rise against this as they get older and realise what it means.Furthermore, a particularly social child who is busy quite a lot of the time may find it hard to go to Church when they are supposed to and