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Tuesday, May 12th
Karlin Klass – 2:00 Sophomore Class President
Hello OPHS freshmen class. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Karlin Klass and I am running to be your sophomore class president. I'm running for this position not because of the title it comes with, but because I am passionate about student government and I want to make a difference in this high school. For so long, I have looked up to those that are willing to and do make a difference. So with the possibility of being elected for this position, my goal is to do what I've always found admirable, and facilitate change. I will carry out my goal by increasing student involvement, listening to the ideas and comments of my fellow students, and, most importantly, try my hardest to fulfill my duties as president. So help me to carry out this change by bringing me, Karlin Klass to the sophomore class to be your next 10th grade president.
Nicole Newton – 2:05 Junior Class Secretary
Hello Sophomore Class of Orchard Park High School, I am Nicole Newton and currently I am your class secretary. I am running to keep my position.
I feel that I am qualified for this position and am dedicated to making Orchard Park high school a great place to. I am up for any challenges that we may face and will keep my devotion to our class under any circumstance. I am capable of handling the responsibility and I hope you will give me a chance to keep doing what I love.
Our class deserves to be remembered in a positive way and I am willing to do whatever it takes. I want everyone to feel like they are apart of the decisions the student government makes. With your help I will strive to make our class the best ever. Please vote for Nicole Newton for the Junior class Secretary.
Porscha Colville – 2:10 Senior Class President
My name is Porscha Colville and I am running to be your Senior Class President. Having been president for the past two years, I’m well qualified to serve the same position one last time. As we approach our final year of high school, I hope to make it as memorable as possible. I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions and implementing changes that you’d like to see, come this following school year. Years of leadership experience have prepared me to serve as your class president and I’m looking forward to our senior year together.
Emilia Kamis – 2:15 Sophomore Class Secretary
Hi, my name is Emmie Kamis and I am running for Sophomore Class Secretary. The reason I wish to hold this position is because I want to become more involved in my high school career. I believe I am most qualified for this position because I am an upstanding leader and have great organizational skills. These skills will allow me to do the best work possible in a position that leverages my abilities. My goals for the 2015-2016 year are to improve communication between the sophomore student body and the administrators to advance Orchard Park High School as a whole. Furthermore, if you vote for ...


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623 words - 3 pages Persuasive Essay - Gay and Lesbian Rights "If anyone says, 'I love God,' yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen cannot love God, whom he has not seen," John 4:20. So, why do heterosexual people hate homosexuals? They are ordinary people with a different lifestyle who would simply like to be treated with respect. Many organized religions believe that a 'gay' lifestyle is wrong. But, if

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2230 words - 9 pages .” Overview of HIV Treatments (2016, May). Subsequent to the ARS stage of HIV infection, HIV then enters into the clinical latency stage. The word “latency” means: "a period where a virus is living or developing in a person without producing symptoms". The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS. (2000, November 29). It is during this stage that, there are no HIV symptoms; at the most, there may be only mild ones. Although, the virus is still reproducing and it

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1377 words - 6 pages marry is one step above not allowing interracial marriage. In the early 20th century a black man marrying a white woman was unnatural and serious crime. In the early 21st century a man marrying another man is still a crime in most places and is considered to be an immoral and unnatural act. Hartinger in his essay A Case For Gay Marriage asserts that, "The question is whether, in the absence of a compelling state interest, the state should be

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948 words - 4 pages fairly long with extensive amount of detail, but in simple terms this article talks about how still in today’s situation, it may not seem like a major epidemic but for those living with AIDS it is still a constant battle with the FDA to find a drug that will help cure the disease and/or prevent the disease from spreading to others. Dallas Buyers Club. Dir. Jean-Marc Vallée. Per. Matthew McConaughey. Entertainmentone. 2013. Film. This movie is

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2404 words - 10 pages surveillance of HIV cases transitioning into AIDS showed an increase among adult females from 8% in 1985 to 25% in 2014. There was a decrease in the number of infections that were transitioning into Stage 3 with the use of antiretroviral therapies 1996 from used amongst the general population. In 2014, Latino and White women showed a lower progression rate of infection however, “ Black/African American females accounted for the largest 3 (AIDS

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5581 words - 23 pages been correlation between cannabis use and schizophrenia in a 2010 report from  the DEA. It was stated that cannabis use holds a 4% percent greater chance of  developing   Gennert 3  schizophrenia. On the other hand, another active ingredient in cannabis, cannabidiol  (CBD) has been found to be a potentially powerful antipsychotic (25 Butterfield).  Anti-Marijuana propaganda also said that smoking weed would cause you to kill  people (23 Teese

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1745 words - 7 pages INTRODUCTION: This essay aims to critique Steven M Kates and Russel W Belk’s journal article entitled ‘The Meanings of Lesbian and Gay Pride Day: Resistance through consumption and Resistance to Consumption”. The article was published in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Vol. 30 No. 4, August 2001 392-429. The authors explore consumer consumption of and at pride events, and discuss arguments relating to the resistance of such consumption

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1410 words - 6 pages -conditions/hiv-aids/symptoms-causes/syc-2037352 4 HIV Treatment: The Basics Understanding HIV/AIDS. (2018, March 22). Retrieved October 30, 2018, from https://aidsinfo.nih.gov/understanding-hiv-aids/fact-sheets/21/51/hiv-treatment--the-basic s Parenthood, P. (n.d.). What Are the Symptoms & Signs of HIV / AIDS? Retrieved October 30, 2018, from https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/stds-hiv-safer-sex/hiv-aids/what-are-symptoms -hivaids Zulfiqar, H. F., Javed, A., S., Afroze, B., Ali, Q., Akbar, K., . . . Husnain, T. (2017). Retrieved October 30, 2018, from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5339269/

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1757 words - 8 pages accidents and deaths will increase when marijuana is legalized. Again, alcohol seems to be one of the largest causes of traffic accidents and deaths (Nathan 1746). Alcohol seems to be more harmful than marijuana so why is it that marijuana cannot be legalized? If something does way less harm than something that is legalized, why shouldn’t it be legalized as well. Marijuana has too many benefits for it to be illegal. Medically, marijuana can help