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I want to choose “Ars Poetica” wrote by Archibald Macleish in the page 728 and “Introduction to Poetry” which wrote by Billy Collins in the 733 to analysis.
In the “Arts Poetica”, poet Archibald Macleish wrote a few words like “mute”, “dumb”, “silent”, “wordless” and “motionless”. Since whole poetry is wrote for modernist poetry, those words imply poetry should be quiet, just like one very famous Chinese method - coping with all motions by remaining motionless. This one also reflects about this point, use few vocabularies to express poet’s idea, this will lead the reader to focus more on the thing behind the words, give them more blank space to image the poetic world.
There are twenty-four lines and three stanzas in this poetry. For lines, that quite easy to recognize, for stanzas author use three “—” to tell one stanza from the others. We already know that “Art Poetica” is Latin and that’s means art of poetry, in this way I think the main theme is this author attempts to describe his understanding and his concept about poetry to tell readers what and how about poetry. Author employs metaphor to evoke the reader’s imagination and senses – If poetry was a thing, what would it be like?
In the first two lines “A poem should be palpable and mute, As a globed fruit”, author compare poetry to a globed fruit, and emphasize that is “palpable”. When I hear the words “globed fruit” some fruit like apple and peach graphics come to mind, in that time I will experience a deep sense of gratitude and contentment. In the line nine to fourteen, that feeling become more specific, author express the permanent quality of poetry with vivid images of the branches on the moon and also compare the hypothetical poem to the twigs. In the last stanzas, “An empty doorway and a maple leaf” symbolize “For all the history of grief”, when I read this part, I feel like author lead me skated the length of the human history without stopping, from dispute to love, that makes me to recall all of...


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