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Week 5 Worksheet Elizabeth The Golden Age

6373 words - 26 pages

Things to Think About When Watching a Film - LT

Week 5 Film Analysis: Elizabeth the Golden Age

HUM 150- Introduction to Film Studies

University of Phoenix Material

Week Five - Things to Think About When Watching a Film (Learning Team)

This form is used to prompt discussion and analysis for the Week Five Depth Analysis of a Film Paper and Presentation.

Step 1: Analysis of the Narrative: Story, Plot, and Meaning

What was the filmmaker's intent:

What is the film's principal theme?

The movie depicts a time in history where two faiths, two substantial empires, two rulers, and two distinctly different ...view middle of the document...

What is the moral to the story?

The journey of the Golden Age, in many ways is about acceptance. Acceptance of the life you have, acceptance of duty to something bigger than yourself and understanding that the needs of the many can outweigh the needs of a single person. Elizabeth understood that her life was not her own and she gave up a normal life for the needs of her subjects.

Who are the main characters, what happens to them, and why? Are the characters static or dynamic? Explain.

Elizabeth - The film focused on the uncertain years of the ruler's reign. Elizabeth faced conspirators and plots to dethrone her. She is faced with war from Spain which she faces bravely. She was controlling about her image. What the film deals with is that as she began to age, her availability to be married and form alliances with other countries was ebbing away. Her physical attractiveness and ability to bear children was questioned. She faced political pressure as well as pressure from within. Emotions that she kept suppressed for so long come flooding to the surface, especially with the relationship she forms with Raleigh. How the movie portrays Elizabeth's feelings for Raleigh is a wistful vicariousness, almost like an inner thought that would be "if only I could be like him." She falls in love with someone that she would want to emulate, and that being with them is to live through them, and to see the world through their eyes. This would be to live another life and be another person. As cultured, well-read, eloquent and intelligent as Elizabeth was, she had never left the shores of England, and in Raleigh, she saw a hero who had discovered a new world and literally had traveled to where the maps ended. Elizabeth's character explored denial, what she had to remove herself from in order to lead. She made herself into an icon with an image that she polished and honed for political ends and possibly for emotional protection. Looking at the growth experienced by the character it has to be deemed that the character was dynamic.

Raleigh - A brash explorer who has traveled to the New World and who plunders Spanish ships. He is a patriot and willing to fight to keep England from the Spanish rule even after imprisonment by Elizabeth. The character remains static through out the movie and does not change or alter the personality of the character from beginning to end.

Philip of Spain - The King of Spain is Catholic and backed by the Church in Rome and armed with the Inquisition builds a powerful army and sea-dominating armada. This armada presents an imminent threat to the Queen and to England. He is portrayed as very dark, always praying, and possibly weak minded character, yet at the same time is the most powerful man in the world. The character was consistently played with the notion that he was the most powerful man in the world but also with a complex with a weak voice and unusual gait. The portrayal...

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