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Beginning of People Acknowledge Me:

I will tell you my story about how people acknowledge me as smart deaf person and can do anything that people normally do.

Briarlake Elementary School
Long time ago, while in elementary school, I am really smart with math. Way before I am smart with math. One boy judges my intelligent just because I have disability. I say, ÒHey! I am accepted myself as deaf. ÒThat boy, Juley says, ÒThis little boy canÕt see clearly, canÕt hear, and have a back pain.Ó You canÕt be smart than me. I accepted him, and I believe him. I know that I am same grade with that boy but I have growing hormone problem that why I am shortest person in that school (not 1st grade I am in three grade that time). Later my teacher noticed me depressed. She sent me to the school counselor. I explained everything occur. She says that is just false. ÒYou can be smarter when you overcome your own obstacles.Ó One day later I confronted Juley and give paper that sayÓ NOTHING WILL BLOCK ME FROM BECOME SMART EVEN MY DISABILITIESÓ Juley laughed so hard after reading it then leave. Later about 2 years later, we have big graduation ceremony. After the teacher talk about great this year is. Then my principal come to stage then will called the person who got best academic award (highest GPA in this school). She called, ÒOsman and EvansÓ. Juley who just bullied me three years ago sit behind me and with a big eye and mouth open so hugely. After I get trophy and I got feeling that all people slowly acknowledge me just right after I got trophy. I got upset because people will focus on me if I got trophy but before I get trophy they judged my intelligent. I ease then go back to my seat. Juley leans forward to me and give paper to me. I open it then it says I hate you because you are better than me. I chuckle then write ÒI told you that nothing will block me from become smart even my disabilitiesÓ That boy remember that I told him that two years ago then a sin...


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1322 words - 6 pages the Making of America’s Vietnam, (Random House Publishing Group, 21 Aug 2012) p.33-34 · William J Duiker, Ho Chi Minh: A Life, (Hachette Books, 12 Nov 2012) p. 84 Journal Articles: · Harish Chandola. "Vietnam War Becomes Secret." Economic and Political Weekly 7, no. 31/33 (1972): 1505-507. · Louis Fisher, “The Law: When Laws Begin: Misleading Statements by Presidents, 03/2010 Presidential Studies Quarterly” Volume 40 (2009) Issue 1 p.12 · M. S

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2862 words - 12 pages 2008, October 15-16 in Chicago: M&A Workshop Provides HR Leaders with Global Knowledge and Practical Skills. (2008, September). Marketing Business Weekly,270. Retrieved December 7, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1542715781).4 Levitt, A (2008) Corporate Culture and the Problem of Executive Compensation. Retrieved March 3, from Journal of Corporation Law5. Conyan , M.J (2008) Compensation consultants and Executive pay

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2031 words - 9 pages on Tobacco Control. American journal of public health, 95(6), 936-8. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2003.025908 Statement on the United States Lawsuit Against Major Tobacco Companies. (1999, September 27). Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, 35(38), 1791. Retrieved from http://link.galegroup.com.ezproxy.libproxy.db.erau.edu/apps/doc/A57645196/AONE?u=embry&sid=AONE&xid=6eac8dcf Subcommittee looks to redefine tobacco products under virginia tax law as

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