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Vanessa Addison
March 20, 2019
Carol Hinds
WCIV 102
Aeneid Paper
Overall Dido is portrayed as a woman who is controlled by her love interests. At the beginning of the story we learn that Dido is a widower. She was heartbroken after her first husband died and vowed to never marry again. She then meets Aeneas and falls in love with him and cannot continue her work because of it. The city of Cartage isn’t being built anymore. All because Dido falls in love she stops the production of her city this shows that she is weak minded when it comes to men.
Lines 22- 25 Dido says, “Had I not set my face against remarriage After my love first died and failed me, left me Barren and bereaved-and sick to death At mere thought of torch and bridal bed”. Dido was distraught from her husbands death she decided she would never remarry again. Even though she was so young, had a lot of life left to live, and could still carry children.
Dido falls in love with Aeneas because of how handsome he is and all the stories he tells her. On page 1, lines 5-6 say, “his looks, His words remained with her to haunt her mind.” Dido’s love for Aeneas is problematic because she was restless and construction of cartage is built. Line 7 says, “And desire for him gave her no rest”.
Dido believes that she and Aeneas are married because they are tricked by Juno. Line 168 -177 Juno discusses her plan to trick Dido with Vensus, “sun comes up with rays to light the world. While beaters in excitem...


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