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Siahnny Nogueras
Professor Ciocco
Western Civilization
31 January 2019
Hebrew Prophets
In Judaism “chosenness” is the belief that the Jews are the chosen people. Chosen to be in the Covenant with god. The covenant was God’s speech agreement with Jews. The Hebrews belief that they were the chosen people and a sacred covenant with God influenced their early prophets behaviors, actions and thoughts leading them to live their life according to God’s Law. While also being influenced by non-religious ideas such as individualism, social justice, universalism and parochialism. This strong belief foundation led their prophets to spread the word of God and to preach the Hebrew’s chosen lifestyle and ideal to others. To serve as a shining example as to how to live according to God’s will.
Jewish history was marked by the emergence of spiritually inspired individuals called prophets who felt they had to act as God’s messengers. The prophets believed that God had ordered them to speak and had justified their words. The prophets did not care for money or possessions, feared no one, and preached without invitation. They often emerged in times of social distress and confusion, which made the prophets plead for a return to the Covenant and The Law. The law were the 10 commandments, which are a set of biblical principles. The prophets strongly encouraged the nation to make God’s religious- moral commands central to its existence. There were many prophets but amongst them was Amos, a shepherd from Judea in the south; his younger contemporary, Hosea, from Israel in the north; Isaiah of Jerusalem; and Jeremiah, who witnessed the siege of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans in the early sixth century b.c
According the the book Western Civilization it says “There was a significant disparity between the wealthy and the poor” (page 42). The farmers became in debt causing them to lose their land. The poor became slaves to the wealthy people, because of this the prophets called it religious sins and they were against this way of life. Amos strived to find a better way of life, to result in fulfilling Go...


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