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Natalie Teets
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Thanksgiving and family life discussions .
Me?.. You want to know what I think of Western Literature? I glanced over at Patsy who was looking at her plate. It is not that bad… I mean I have a great professor that tries hard to make it interesting and current. My college classes are not as huge as Pasty’s Brigham Young University which is a much larger University . At Southern Virginia University the class size is smaller and more personal. We usually learn sitting around a big table together and are all involved in the learning process. My mother didn’t let me off that easy… “Honey, please tell us about what you’ve learned in your Western Literature class this semester at SVU.
Okay, Mom how about if I tell you about a poem that we read in class its called Dante “Inferno” !its about A man named Dante who wanted to know what happens to people who sin. Dantes goes on a Journey through the gates of hell with the help of a Roman Greek poet named Virgil (a ghost)
Mother interrupted and said “Why don’t you explain how it relates to us today? In that moment I looked around the table and all eyes were on me I took a sip of my drink and I decided that I was going to have to start at the beginning and explain the best I could about Dante journey thorough the nine circles of hell and make it as interesting as I could so they would understand how great my Western Literature class is!!!
Everyone around our thanksgiving day table are members of the church so just like in the Book of Mormon explains there are three different degrees of glory. They are the celestial glory, Telestial Glory, Terrestrial Glory . In the poem Dante’s inferno he explain 9 different levels or circles of Hell. He wanted to know what happens when people sin and the consequences that follow or where exactly they go.
Pasty chimed in with a excited expression on her face “Yes.. in my class we read this also.. Her dad said “well Pasty you tell us about it”.
Pasty glanced quickly back at me and said “I don’t really remember most of it.. could you continue ?”.. I just shook my head at her and went on,,,, Dante travels through the nine circles of hell the first circle is called limbo! It is basically where unbaptized good people go.
The second circle is where lustful sinners are thrown around by endless storms. The third circle is where gluttonous sinners suffer cold and filthy ran. The fourth circle is were the greedy people roll heavy weights in circles forever. Like in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean the main character Jack Sparrow (aka Jonny Depp) he symbolizes the greedy influence that the world has to offer like wanting all the gold for himself. In the fifth circle the people ...


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