Westerns And Film Noir How They Represent American Culture

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The Western is one of the most popular genres in American society. The first western, "The great train robbery", represented American society at a time when there was a lot of conflict between certain groups in America, and this is portrayed through the film.The Western genre started with classic Westerns, then evolved to Spaghetti westerns and are now made contempary westerns.The classic western is recognisable though the ways violence was represented. To st ...view middle of the document...

The costume isw another recognisable characteristic, along with the imagery used. The imagery is very important, as thjis often portrays what is important to the American society. For example, quite often you will see a church in the background, which represents the importance of religion in the american society.The spaghetti western got its name due to the fact that they were mostly produced by Italians (e.g:sergio Leone), but funded by Americans, Germans, Spanish and others. Examples include A fistful of dollars, for a few dolars more, etc.A contempory western whicvh really broke the boundaries and de-constructed the western genre was "Unforgiven" (1992). In "unforgiven" violence is shown for what it really is, a human urge. Violence isn't shown as being good, or helping with anything."Falling down" is a good neo-noire to look at to see how American society is represented. "Falling down" looks at the way an average American bussiness man falls apart, during a traffic jam, and leaves his car to resort to violence on the streets of America. Whast is first noticable is that it isn't long before he is subjected to violence, and he himself resorts to violence to resolve a situation. All throughout the film, the American society is criticised for what happens and how ideas are dealt with.


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2085 words - 9 pages somewhere other than the introduction). Yes, its saying how he was fed withies about the american lifestyle and culture. 4. What line appears most important to the meaning of the essay? Events started to unfold as soon I landed foot in the USA. 5. What (if anything) does the writer want to say but does not quite say? That the american way is different to everyone. 6. What is most surprising about what the writer says or shows? His visit to the

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835 words - 4 pages not more, impactful during development than you and your family’s religious views. The Church then, is placed in a bit of a conundrum. They can not sit by idly, as secular culture devours the morals of their young minds, defying all that the Church stands for. So what can they do? The Evangelical church’s answer has been simple, fire and brimstone and fear. Throughout the years the church has been adamant about the dangers of lust, premarital sex

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686 words - 3 pages Americans residing in California whom are gang affiliated. I have four brothers and when I was younger I remember my mom constantly yelling at them because they desired to dress like “cholos”. I believe this movie highly influenced my brothers because they were obsessed with it, but I believe they were more obsessed with it because they related to being Mexican American men. This project has not caused me to view entertainment differently. On the

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1003 words - 5 pages Free the other degrees do not have. While ethics is an issue with any of the computing degrees, it is a much greater issue in cybersecurity because of the content that is learned. People need to fully understand how that knowledge can be used, whether it be for good or bad. On top of knowing how to protect from attacks, students will learn on how to combat them once they have occurred and recover afterward. Another aspect of cybersecurity is that you