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Task 1
C228- Task 1
Elizabeth D. Stevens
Western Governors University
Sentinel City Action Report
See attached PDF files in task stream containing photos of Sentinel City landmarks visited.
Needs Assessment
In Nightingale Square, population 103,974, is mainly comprised of a (81.3%) white population; only 3.7% of the population is Hispanic (Nursing Simulator Generator [NSG], 2016). The median income is $269,550; only 0.7% of this community’s population are uninsured.
The next community in Sentinel City is Acer Tech Center with a population of 168,390 (NSG, 2016). At 70.2%, the primary ethnicity is White with slightly more Hispanics (13.7%) and a median household income of $166,300; only 1.5% of the persons living here do not have health insurance (NSG, 2016).
With a population of 352,643 and a median income of $80,134, the Casper Park District is comprised of predominantly White (63%) residents and is home to many more Hispanics (24%) than Acer Tech and Nightingale Square; an alarming 22.7% of the people living here do not have health insurance (NSG, 2016). A large number of the citizens living in this community are children and adults aged 18-65, all who would benefit from routine and preventative care services.
Industrial Heights, a predominantly Hispanic (46.7%) community with a population of 38,885, has a median income of $24,672; a staggering 37.5% of the community’s residents do not have health insurance (NSG, 2016). Almost one-third of the population are children and many of the rest are adults ages 18-65. There are very few older adults who reside in this poverty-stricken community.
Neighborhood Safety Assessment
There were safety issues noted in some parts of the city. In Sentinel City, the average response time for law enforcement is more than ten minutes depending on the location. The average EMS response time is alarmingly high. As a Nurse, it is hard to imagine waiting several minutes for assistance during a medical emergency. Not only did Lilly’s restaurant have reported food storage and cleanliness issues, but Joe’s Grocery also had issues with food borne illnesses related to improper storage of meats and fish (NSG, 2016). This can cause uncontrollable outbreaks of disease; it can even contribute to chronic health conditions later on in life.
Drug and alcohol abuse pose problems for the city and its residents. Like many other cities, commonly abused drugs in Sentinel City include heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol (NSG, 2016). Nearly one-fifth of the arrests made throughout the city last year were attributed to drugs and alcohol. Thankfully, methamphetamine use has not been documented as a significant issue at this time.
The violent crime rate is 311.1 per 100,000 residents (NSG, 2016). However, this is much lower than the national average in 2016 of 386.3 per 100,000 residents (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2017). Aggravated assault and robbery are the most committed crimes in this city. ...

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