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What America Believes In Essay

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When George W. Bush admitted that he asked God for advice on Iraq, he made the war a religious one. I believe that asking a deity what to do in a situation where thousands of people could die is immoral. Government officials should consider basic moral arguments when laying out courses of action, instead of relying on a mythical force to guide them.I wouldn't be surprised if the Christian God actually wanted George Bush to be president, as Bush claims he did, because Bush's actions are consistent with some of the terribly immoral and contradictory situations in the bible. For instance, the bible says, "the LORD is a man of war" and also describes him as a "God of peace". Similarly, on July ...view middle of the document...

Bob Sjogren, the site's sponsor, said "Our goal is to have 1,000 people fasting for the President each day. That will greatly encourage him and keep him accountable when the Evil One seeks to sidetrack him from his commitment to the Lord." It was interesting to me that they cared more about his duty to God than his duty to his country. I think the existences of groups like these are proof that Bush is using religion to gain support.I am not religious. I usually don't care if people are promoting religion, and I could care less if "under God" stays in the pledge of allegiance. Almost all of the Christians I've met are great people, because they ignore the parts of the bible that don't support modern universal morals. However, I don't want my tax dollars funding organizations that spread dogma that I don't agree with. When my taxes pay the salaries of government officials, I assume they are making decisions based on their best judgment, and not acting on the will of a supposed supreme being.When the military is asked to pray for their leader, I see a problem. If soldiers want to pray for their leader on their own time that's fine with me, but they were given pamphlets that asked them to pledge that...

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