What Aspects Of Love Do The Greek Mythology Show Ccnu 7 Essay

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Essay11: From the image and story of Aphrodite and the love stories in Greek mythology, what aspects of love can you discover?
From the love stories in Greek mythology, I find that the desire of love is fully expressed. Which can be explained specifically from several aspects, the desire to control and capture your lover whether he or is in favor of you, the desire to have sex with someone in force, the desire to get reward in a relationship. It’s human nature to be greedy, to desire for something. As we growing older, we get to familiar with the world and gradually develop the ability to recognize things doing good to us. Thus we would like to expose our greedy nature, to grasp things we want. While love is most probably the ever wanted thing for human beings. People would do things beyond their image in order to chasing love, and the greedy nature is exposed totally at the situation of this.
Firstly the desire to control and capture your lover. Since most of the Gods and Goddesses were endowed with great force, they usually wooed to their lovers with great force. As what it dose in the case of Hades and Persephone. Hades was so in love with Persephone that he captured and imprisoned her in the underworld while ignoring her reluctance. Once the God or Goddess falls in love with someone, they always want to get them by using all kinds of strate...


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640 words - 3 pages gods. Their common use of spells and charms show the daily importance magic held. The power of their gods magic shows what kind of feats they believed magic could achieve. Magic was so important to ancient Egyptians that they did not think life was possible without it. Works Cited Mark, Joshua J. “Magic in Ancient Egypt.”, 2/24/17, https://www.ancient.eu/article/1019/magic-in-ancient-egypt/, Accessed 12/6/17. Seawright, Caroline

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