What Can A Person Do To Defend The Human Rights Of All People English 10 Esaay

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Daniela Meza
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What can a person do to defend the human rights of all people
Didn't we born to be free? As humans we have the right to be born free as Delano Roosevelt said ” Where, after all, do universal rights begin? In small places, close to home(...) unless these rights have meaning there, they have aa little meaning anywhere” Roosevelt meant that all rights are important for people and he declare that not just Americans have the right to be free but the whole world is free. To defend humans rights people should be willing to do anything as an example we have the newsies they were young people that realized that in order to be heard they might have to make some noise and inform about their devastated situation.
First of all the Newsies were young victims who use to sold newspapers on the sidewalks of major cities this young children were between ages of 6 and 16 years old and they were victims of unscrupulous business practices by making them work more hours selling the newspapers cheaper than their regular price. A quote from the speech “Born to be Free” by Unknown supports my example, “The newsies’ circumstances deteriorated even further during the Spanish-American War of 1899. This evidence clearly illustrates that the newsies where innocent victims. The second quote from the speech ¨The Four Freedoms”by Frank...


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