What Can Plastic Surgery Do To Society? English Research Paper

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Lean Rose Luistro
Professor Blood
English 1A
25 April 2018
Plastic Surgery, What can it do to Society?
For many, as summer comes along, bikini season means one thing, and as anxiety is over
what can be done with their body that privately enlarges during winter season, with thick
sweaters and black tights. Spring and summer is the season for the fashion magazines to publish
all types of plastic surgery ideas for those who are not pleased with their bodies. Some people
think going on a diet or exercising is the key lose weight. Other people buy expensive skin care
products to keep their skin looking flawless. With the invention of plastic surgery, people have
the ability to change the body part that they do not like and reduce the life-threatening mental
illnesses such as anorexia and body dysmorphia.
Plastic Surgery nowadays has become popular more and more, some people had believed
that it’s a technique to raise the beauty inside someone. On the other hand, there has been
disagreements with the basic intentions of the surgery enhancing the appearance of individual
changes parts of the body, having to say the plastic surgery post a risk of serious diseases such as
a heart attack.
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As study have shown, there are reasons for people’s favor on plastic surgery, plastic
surgery can relieve mental illnesses, allow everyone to have their freedom of expression, lastly,
those who have a part of the body that had gotten damaged quite badly can have a chance to
improve appearances.
When people are frequently worried about their unpleasant appearance, definite mental illnesses
would rise up. Researchers found that plastic surgeons correctly identified the diagnosis of body
dysmorphic disorder (BDD) in less than 5 percent of patients who screened positive for the
disorder. (Salamon). The late popular star, Michael Jackson, had repeatedly got plastic surgery,
which completely changed his appearance. He had seeked Body Dysmorphic Disorder, ​a mental
illness ​involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance​. For those that had been
infected with BDD, ​ ​considered a type of ​obsessive-compulsive disorder​, are overly preoccupied
with perceived body defects that are actually miniscule and commonly involve the nose, eyes,
skin or hair, the study authors said.
Body image disturbance is frequent among individuals undergoing cosmetic surgery and
core to the pathology of eating disorders. However, there a research examining plastic surgery in
eating disorder. T examined body image related measures, eating disorder behaviors, and
depression as predictors of attitudes toward cosmetic surgery in 129 women with an eating
It is estimated that 8 million Americans have some type of eating disorder. They have
found that the increasing influence of the media is responsible for this. The media is directly to
blame for giving women the ideal that pretty and skinny is beautiful, which is what is increasing
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the demand for life...

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