What Can We Learn About Social Cohesion From The Presence Of Discrimination? Bicc Discrimination

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What can we learn about social cohesion from the presence of discrimination ?
Discrimination includes but is not limited to racial discrimination(oppose individuals on the basis of their race), national origin discrimination(It occurs when individuals are treated differently because of his/her ancestors), geographical discrimination(based on where a person lives or was born), employment discrimination(employees who are treated differently because of their protected class).The side effect of the social cohesion in discrimination can be discussed in two ways. First on the detrimental impact on the public when discrimination has a snowball effect. Second, with the increasing number of anti-discrimination groups and the increasing anti-discrimination voices, social cohesion has a beneficial effect on the expansion of anti-discrimination.Then we can rise a question: What can we learn about social cohesion from the presence of discrimination ?
In the year of 2015, a video that attract people’s attention immediately on the Internet about an Australian man who was discriminating against Chinese workers[footnoteRef:1]. As a Chinese, I dislike these people is indubitable who are discriminatory and have a sense of superiority, for example, in Fiftieth Century, most of black people were slaves, this history directly cause nowadays white nationalists have a sense of superiority that they are prime in the world. Signs of transmission of rumours and discrimination in China have also become apparent over the years and are growing in all respects. In a video on discrimination against people living with HIV in China: "China has made great efforts for HIV and expanded the treatment and experimentation of HIV. But discrimination on HIV patients is still existed , and HIV in China means you will be a second-class citizen. A 25-year-old man in Tianjin has been denied lung cancer treatment because he has HIV, according to a recent case reported in China News "[footnoteRef:2].People reject discrimination not only by outsiders against their own groups, but also by those who are the perpetrators of discrimination. [1: YouTube:“Racist man harassing Asians at HungryJacks gets sorted out by a fellow ”] [2: BILIBILI SCREEN VIDEO PLATFORM: Kusai's Ghost "Why We Refuse Discrimination"]
Some of the specific causes of discrimination are disgust, some unreasonable self-catharsis, and some simply following suit.Perhaps the most clearest example is geographical discrimination in China. From taunting the other party's accent, life habits, and even to the other party's geographical bad cases, to expand to the regional characteristics.In Henan, for example, the existence of regional discrimination has affected the normal life of some Henanese to some extent. For example, the phenomenon of "no Henanese" has appeared in more areas. If the phenomenon of discrimination continues to spread in the society, it will lead to the separation, prejudice and even hostil...


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