What Career Do You Want In The Future And Where Would You Go If You Had A Golden Ticket - English 4 - Essay

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Prompt: You've got a ticket in your hand -- Where will you go? What will you do? What will
happen when you get there? By: Mackinzie Hoskins
I have dreamed my whole life of going to Mayo Clinic​. I know that sounds a little weird,
most people probably put somewhere in Europe or somewhere exotic, but I want to go to a
hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. When I was seven years old I was inside watching
documentaries on human anatomy. I was hooked, captivated by the complexity while normal
seven year olds were watching cartoons or playing outside. I am a very detail oriented person,
that is part of the reason why being a neurosurgeon fits me so well; the amount of focus,
planning, and details that go into completing a life saving surgery on one of the most intricate
parts of the body. When given a ticket to go anywhere in the world I am going to Mayo Clinic
because it is the best hospital nationwide and in the world for neurologists, and neurosurgeons.
When I get to Minnesota and tour the hospital it will be like finally seeing your reflection
in a murky pond (clarity). However I will not be satisfied just going to the hospital itself, my
ticket is for the operating room, for being up close to a neurosurgeon in action. I want to meet the
patient before hand, look at the MRI’s, the CT scans, and get to pick a classified team to save the
patient's life.​ I want to be able to practice on a cadaver before going into the operating room so I
can be well informed on the operation itself, and the techniques being used to get the tumor out
of the brain, or off the spinal cord.​ I will assist the lead surgeon, as much as I want to be the one
in the driver's seat, I know I am not quite ready to be in control. After the operation is complete, I
want to pick the brain of the lead surgeon. I would love to ask about the amount of hours he
spent studying, researching, staying up late, how he deals with the loss of a patient, the rush he
feels when he saves a life, and most importantly how he balances work and a family.
My fascination with the human body is not the only reason I want to go to Mayo Clinic. I
would like to gain more knowledge on a disease one of my family members faced. My uncle was
the smartest man I have ever known, he was a walking encyclopedia. After he was married, had
two beautiful girls, and had a successful tech business, things took a turn for the worse. He was
driving home from the airport when he had a seizure, and was rushed to a hospital in Waco
Texas. It was there where the doctors had to remove a flap of his skull, to get a look at...

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