What Do U Know About Cytotec Aka Misoprosto

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Chse 235 Efosa AsemotaDrug report #2 Cytotec/ MisoprostoTherapeutic categoryMucosal Protective gent Use/ indicatorFor the treatment and prevention of NSAID-induced gastroduodenal ulcers. Also indicated for the treatment of duodenal ulcers caused by Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD).Adverse reactionThe most frequent gastrointestinal adverse events were diarrhea (10.7%), abdominal pain (7.3%), nausea (4.2 ...view middle of the document...

In patients receiving placebo, the incidence of diarrhea was 3.6%. The events were usually transient and mild to moderate in severity.Contraindication/overdosePossible clinical signs that may indicate an overdose may include: sedation, tremor, fever, convulsions, dyspnea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, palpitations, hypotension or bradycardia. Treatment should be symptomatic and supportive. Children: Safety and effectiveness in patients below the age of 18 have not been established. Known sensitivity to prostaglandins, prostaglandin analogues or excipients (microcrystalline and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium starch glycolate and hydrogenated castor oil). Contraindicated in pregnancy.Initial dosageThe recommended adult oral dosage for the prevention and treatment of NSAID-induced gastroduodenal ulcer is 400 to 800 µg a day in divided doses. NSAIDs should be taken according to the schedule prescribed by the physician. When appropriate, misoprostol and NSAIDs are to be taken simultaneously. Misoprostol should be taken after food.Reference:www.drugs.com, www.pharmclips.com, http://www.rxmed.com,http://www.rxmed.com/b.main/b2.pharmaceutical/b2.prescribe.html


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2432 words - 10 pages What do we know about the cause(s) of autistic spectrum disorder? Discuss. The DSM-5 defines autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) as a range of conditions classified as neurodevelopmental disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). ASD encompasses autistic disorder, Asperger’s disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified; suggesting that these previously separate disorders are a

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412 words - 2 pages /uploads/The-ethics-of-research-involving-animals-short-guide.pdf. Thompson, Tamara, editor. “Using Animals for Medical Testing Is Unethical and Unnecessary.” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA], 2011. The Ethics of Medical Testing, sproxy.glenbrook225.org/login?url=http://link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/EJ3010777210/OVIC?u=gotitans&xid=7e4e7a84. Accessed 2018. “Benefits of Animal Research.” Benefits of Animal Research, American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Foundation, www.aalasfoundation.org/outreach/About-Animal-Research/benefits_to_people_and_animals.

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673 words - 3 pages waste that is ending up in the oceans due to so much plastic waste being around them, they are in danger of becoming extinct. The problem that concern people about plastic waste is that it does not happen only in a particular city or estate but nationwide. According to the website Forbes its estates that “91% of all plastic is not recycled. On top of that, it is estimated that over half a trillion plastic bottles will be sold in 2020”. Plastic

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2363 words - 10 pages ) and understand how and when to unbundle WHAT IS NEW FOR 2017 u A look at some of the new codes for 2017 u The OIG Work Plan u Examine why Medicare is scrutinizing prolonged time codes DOCUMENTATION, DOCUMENTATION u What to do if you have been downcoded u How to analyze and solve difficult billing problems u What to look for with a denial for medical necessity u Understand what to use from the documentation for an appeal or correction u Know when

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1152 words - 5 pages with’ and nani-o ‘what’ do not move, they stay in-situ. The subjects in both examples are in the sentence-initial position. There is a question marker ka at the end of the sentence, and it is said to be ambiguous, it can either be a complementizer as English whether or Wh-phrase scope marker (Takahashi, 1993: 657). The question in the second example have the same structure with Chechen, however in the first example, the wh-word in Japanese

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2342 words - 10 pages that came to my head. I still do not understand why our country provides undocumented victims of domestic violence a path to U.S. citizenship, I understand that the U visa  is an amazing benefit for the illegal victim but what about our own citizens? should not they benefit too from reporting violent crimes? I was not able to find a source that could explain that point to me. Also, I came to a conclusion that our government has open up a loop

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1321 words - 6 pages hydrophone. It was designed to be lowered over the side of a ship into the water and, using piezoelectricity, could clearly pick up the trademark roar of an U-Boats’ engines. This was employed for 8 about two years until another inventor, Paul Langevin, created a modern naval device that is still employed by sailors today; the sound navigation and ranging or SONAR. SONAR did what the hydrophone did but better. It was not only able to

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742 words - 3 pages for packs. Discuss any important differences in the OLS and 2SLS estimates. d. Write out the reduced form for packs and estimate this reduced form (write out the formula first and then use your formula to do calculations in R). What do you conclude about iden- tification of equation (1) using cigprice as an instrument for packs? What bearing does this conclusion have on your answer from part c? Note: you don’t need to turn in your R code. Simply

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1077 words - 5 pages Free demon in disguise aka a hollow, the hollow attacks him and kills his mother. This sets the stage for where we open on to present day 15 year old Ichigo who is being taunted by three bullies and easily beats them up. In addition, makes them apologize to a ghost child. Right away I admire on how with the fighting skills, the established on the physics in the real world similar to the anime than to the art of reality. This shows how everything about