What Does One Benefit From Being A Risk Taker? English Essay

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Taking risks may not be something one would consider because people would prefer to stay in their comfort zones. Most people do not open up to more advantages chances could give because they are afraid of failure but taking chances will help others conquer the fear of failure. Over time people will start to realize risks are necessary for someone’s life it helps them grow as the people they are. At some point, people will have to change and the best way of changing is by taking risks and learning from them new things and find who they truly are. Taking chances helps one grow and understand that not everything will go the way one wants. Sometimes it’s necessary to take chances because it can turn someone’s life around and could also help someone grow and become who he or she is. Therefore, taking chances has an advantage and the only way to get those advantages is by taking chances.
First off, people rarely take chances because they might have a bad experience taking the wrong chances at least once. For instance, parents advise their children not to do the same mistakes as they did when they were younger. Whenever their kids grow up they grow up knowing chances can ruin what they have planned. They also relate back to their parents' bad experiences with the chances they took when they were younger. Sometimes kids see their parents struggling because they took a chance but could not handle the risk and they start thinking that they cannot take a chance like the one their parents took. Those kids will never know not all the risks people take are different people react to risks differently. On the other hand, when others take chances they are open to new opportunities and new paths that could change their lives. Taking chances also takes people out of their comfort zone and become more open to other possibilities life gives them by trying new things in life that one would never do. Some people think too much about how bad it would be if they fail at what they are doing and avoid taking chances. Whenever someone embraces risk-taking he or she tends to overcome his or her fear of failure. Also, people will have to pursue their goals and for that to happen they would have to take all of the chances they can to achieve their goal. People take chances all the time without them noticing. Some people will not take big chances because people are afraid of putting everything at risk. Artists take chances all the time to become famous. Artists have the courage to sing in front of a crowd because they have already taken risks. Artist’s lives changed after they auditioned to sing and some of them could not afford what they have now. Also, many famous groups take the chance to break up and try something new like a new genre and become a success. For example, Beyonce Knowles was the lead singer in Destiny’s Child which was a famous group but she decided to take the chance to sing her first song without her group and saw that she was better. After Beyonce becam...


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